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5 Most Popular Techno Music on Youtube

Today it will be rediscovered, the most influential techno musics of all time with the most review, wiewing and listening rates on the internet of all time. For the last

5 Most Popular Techno Music on Youtube
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  • PublishedFebruary 28, 2023

Today it will be rediscovered, the most influential techno musics of all time with the most review, wiewing and listening rates on the internet of all time.

For the last half century techno music has been spread all over the world, thus becoming the pupil genres among electronic dance music genres. Although a few techno tracks have shaped the mainstream of this newly progressed type, many names are becoming world-wide known artists today. The eyes are upon them every year around the famous festivals like Tomorrowland or Time Warp.

Through those pioneers of techno musics that represent culture of raving, joying, and uprisin, with beats and drops that will turn your’s head. Let’s discover the techno beasts that are fairly praised amongst the best techno tracks on Youtube ever.


Hip-house, a blend of rap and house music, had one of its greatest commercial successes in Technotronic (which brought a Euro-disco element to the style). Pump Up the Jam: The Album must be taken for what it is — unapologetically dance-oriented party music, pure and simple. Belgium’s Technotronic never set out to conquer Public Enemy or Ice-T‘s sociopolitical turf, and strives to be nothing but fun.

DARUDE – Sandstorm

Released at the turn of the century, “Sandstorm” arrived when the dance music landscape was, in some ways, still in its developing stages. The success of “Sandstorm” has been the basis of Darude’s career success and marked many milestones for the dance music community as a whole. Like many great projects, “Sandstorm” was almost a forgone venture. The melody was written years before, and the project was sitting idle before Darude (real name Toni-Ville Henrik Virtanen) returned to the idea and brought it across the finish line.

TEKNO – Pana

That single, titled “Pana,” has gone on to entrap other listeners the same way it conquered its creator, accumulating 30 million streams between YouTube and Spotify. Veterans like Trey Songz and Ludacris have posted clips of themselves listening to the song on Instagram, and “Pana” also caught the attention of Imran Majid, senior vice president of A&R at Columbia, who signed the track and re-released it in December. Never mind that though, Tekno is back with a single. As usual, it is a single word title, ‘Pana‘; as usual it is going to be a hit. What with its grand use of drums and the rather preternatural feel the man has for winning melodies. This time the title is not so easy to decipher. ‘Pana’ seems to refer to a woman’s name, close in sound to that other titular lady in ‘Panya’, his duet with the duo Bracket. It isn’t though.


The original psy-trance hit by Armin Van Buuren and Vidi Vici (with a unique vocal by Hilight Tribe) was pretty good. It was not reviewed it because of the total ignorance about the genre, but the hypnotic Ancient Indian voice and the basses were awesome! The Dutch producer reworked it in a clever way, adding some hardstyle vibes to “Great Spirit”. The track genre has been obviously switched to the Wildstylez genre, losing the psy-trance wobbling basses, but the vocal is here, more valorized than ever. It is personally preferred as in this version, even if one must say that it’s a psy characteristic.

FISHER – Losing It

Fisher’s “Losing It” is more than just a festival banger you can’t escape – it’s one of the decade’s biggest dance music success stories, period. With a sound that defies the usual pop crossover tactics, the 2018 track became the unlikeliest of hits, signalling the wider dance scene’s evolution away from mainstage EDM and towards house, techno and tech-house. Within weeks of its initial release, “Losing It” had crossed over from tech-house circles to the sets of A-list DJs Hardwell, Alison Wonderland and Tiësto at Ultra Europe and Tomorrowland. But it wasn’t just big names playing it: the track hit No. 1 on DJ download store Beatport, where it reigned for 21 weeks. Propelled by its play in Ibiza, “Losing It” entered Shazam’s Global Chart in August 2018, where it continued to rise over the next 12 months.

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