Techno Airlines: Top 10 Techno DJs of 2021

The new series prepared by Techno Airlines is here with the “best of the year”. In this list, which brings together the greatest names of techno and derivative genres, the

Techno Airlines: Top 10 Techno DJs of 2021
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The new series prepared by Techno Airlines is here with the “best of the year”. In this list, which brings together the greatest names of techno and derivative genres, the 10 most impressive names of the past year are gathered. We would like to thank this breathtaking DJs and their performances, who did not leave us alone with their beats, mixes and shows this year, that was one of the most challenging year not only for music but also for the entire world for any case.

Let’s examine 10 successful DJs who managed to impress us in the list prepared without any ranking or comparison purposes.



Sweden | Techno | drumcode 1 Drumcode | ‘Break It Up

Swedish DJ, owner of Drumcode, is gaining fame and prestige day by day. Despite the pandemic restrictions last year, the artist continued his performance without rest and managed to take the stage in all of Europe and the Balkans, as well as in the USA, Mexico and even Morocco. The artist, who managed to make thousands of people happy at home with his radio program (Drumcode Radio Live), also managed to be a voice for many unheard artists through it. Thus, enriching the Drumcode dynasty for generations to come.

“A lot of the time I tend to overlook the music because I’m listening to how it’s produced.”

If we look at the works he has done, Beyer has made many collaborations in the past year. First of all, he released the hit song ‘Restore My Soul‘ with Chicago’s DJ Rush. Then he worked with E-Dancer (Kevin Saunderson), one of Detroit Techno’s predecessors, and showed that he actually addresses and cares about all branches of techno music. Working with many other experienced names such as Robert Hood and DJ Bone, the star also showed that he cares about young talents, too. In addition to the track ‘Teach Me‘ made with Amelie Lens, he also participated in the remix works with rRoxymore and thus did not neglect his contributions to the new generation.

The artist, who could not attend any event due to the cancellations that lasted until the summer period, performed his first live show in Ibiza, where he is a resident. The artist, who started touring with a great tempo starting in August, supposed to perform first in Morocco with Soleil Rose, then in France he announced and performed for Family Piknik, and then in the UK with Creamfields. The next stop of the artist, who also took part in the unforgettable Saga Festival held in Bucharest, was Belgrade, another Balkan city, where he had great moments with the Drumcode Hangar event he organized himself. After the Rave Rebels in Belgium, Beyer went to the USA for Halloween and completed the year with the Cologne event in November.


amelie lens

Belgium | Techno | lenske Lenske | ‘Raver’s Heart

Revered personality in the fast and hard techno of dance music scenes. Lens, a name accepted and supported by the whole techno music universe with her debut song in 2016, was approved by masters in a short time. While the tracks she made were featured at all major events, many also remixed them. The artist, who received all these honors in difficult times last year, took part in more than 30 events, possibly showing the maximum performance that could fit in a calendar for a year.

“Passionate! Because it’s not just the music, but a lot of times, it’s a lifestyle. I think many people who listen to techno wake up and go to bed with it. It’s a big part of their lives. “

Lens, which is currently the number one name that is wanted for all events and organizations, shares the stage with all popular names as well as veterans of techno music. Using the black and white contrasts she creates in her shows, the artist is able to integrate modern times into music with neon structures, thus gaining the appreciation of the audience in terms of aesthetics.

Lens, who managed to produce 2 remixes and 7 EPs last year, benefited from the collaborations with other big stars. She remixed Perc and Gazelle Twin‘s ‘Look What Your Love Has Done To Me‘, followed by E-Dancer‘s ‘One Nation‘ months later. Among the 4 pieces she made with Alrod under the LENSKE016D project, especially ‘Raver’s Heart‘ had great repercussions. The year ended with 3 original mixes under the name of LOUDER THAN CHAOS, created in collaboration with Slam.

Like most artists, the events in which he took part began to be canceled one by one (unfortunately still is). That is why she started with her own organization Exhale Together, which was over Live Stream. Lens, who came to Istanbul in March, was highly appreciated by the audience and became one of the pioneers against restrictions in the period. With the arrival of the summer season, she started a large European tour. Russia, France, UK, Ukraine, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria… She took the stage at Ensemble Sur Les Plages, Riverside, Untold, Saga, Decibel Open Air, Extrama Outdoor, Mint Festival, REBELLIØN, Terminal V events, respectively. But among them, Rave Rebels, held in her homeland, made a huge splash. Subsequently after the U.S. tour, she returned to Europe, and Lens joined a few more organizations and finally finished the year with the NYE party in Berlin.


boris brejcha

Germany | High-tech Minimal | fckngserious Fckng Serious | ‘Spicy

Describes his style by saying “My joker mask, my own music“. Having been involved in techno music scenes for years, Boris improves himself every year and climbs to the top of the charts. It is not surprising that Boris, who has been successful both on the stage and in the studios, has reached these levels. The artist, who released various singles and EPs last year, took part in unforgettable shows and also founded his own label, FCKING SERIOUS, with Moritz Hofbauer this year and a few of his followers.

“I am tired of music being put in boxes.”

First of all, he made remixes for his own song with the label he founded and his founding friends, under the name Purple Noise Remixes, with names such as Ann Clue, Moritz Hofbauer and Worakls. Under the label of Ultra Records, EXIT EP was released with melodic house rhythms. But this year’s most admired work was ‘Spicy‘, which he made with Ginger again with Ultra Records. In addition to these, he undersigned nearly 40 works with Matrix, My Personal Techno, Next Level Techno, Six Years, Vodka&Orange and lastly Never Stop Dancing recordings.

Like Lens, he is an activity beast. If there is an event and it has not been cancelled, the name you will see in a corner of the line-up is definitely Boris Brejcha. We do not know how, this state of him as mysterious as his mask creates the idea that she is teleporting. From Russia to Mexico, the U.S. to Germany, Eastern Europe to Malta, the Balkans to France, Israel to Scandinavia, the Alps to the Carpathians, South America to Anatolia, we see the joker mask everywhere. Yes, you heard right, Boris took the stage in order in all the places we have mentioned above. He is just INCREDIBLE. The most precious moment of this year was probably when he drove the audience crazy at the Tulum festivals.


UK | Techno, House | intecdig Intec Digital | ‘Can’t Fake the Feeling

Undoubtedly, the symbolic and number one name of the list, Carl Cox is today’s representative of techno and even electronic music. The Three Deck Wizard, as well as being the founder of acid house in Britain, also gave direction to techno music. Cox, who has always been at the top of the list for about 30 years, is undoubtedly the most respected name in the music community today. A recent Ibiza resident, the artist was part of the comeback of Space Ibiza, one of the hottest events of the past year. He also wrote about his life, which has an amazing story, “Oh Yes, Oh Yes!” He presented an autobiographical work with his book.

“I knew that music was something that I would nurture and develop into something. Basically I created my own monster!”

Cox started the year with What Lies Beneath mixes they presented together with Breakcode, and continued with Sand, Moon&Stars, METAMORFOSI and his most influential work CAN’T FAKE THE FEELING. This remix kept Cox in the top spot for the year. Moroccan Chant, which he released at the end of the year, is among his best singles today despite of very short time.

Cox was one of the names that could not attend to the events due to corona. In addition to the live broadcasts or podcasts he appeared on different channels, his first organization was in Philadelphia. Afterwards, Cox took the stage at a queer party in Australia and started his European tour that would last until October. Meanwhile, he became the sought-after face of the set at events such as Pure Open Air, Delta Festival, Saga and Parklife. Cox completed the rest of the year in various stages of the U.S.


charlotte de witte

Belgium | Techno, Acid | KNTXT | ‘The Age of Love

The most popular name of recent times, the fastest breaking out of the charts, is sometimes referred as the goddess of beats. Charlotte, who is came into prominence, has achieved great success in a short time and has proven them all. Despite being the artist whose organizations were canceled the most due to the epidemic last year, she never stopped and furthermore, strengthened the KNTXT temple she established. Behind her success is not only the single EPs she released last year and topped the music charts, but also the collaboration with Formula 1, plus, being the pioneer of the first remix deals to be made with Apple Music, and agreements between 42|54, one of Belgium’s top clothing companies. She is not just a goddess of music, but the embodiment of art combined with aesthetics and image.

“The most difficult thing about evolution is changing someone’s mind and way of thinking. I notice, almost on a daily basis, that female artists (also including myself) have to handle shit: we’re faking our DJ sets, we fucked around to get where we are, we shake our ass too much while we DJ, we obviously can not possibly produce our own tracks… It’s a sad online world we live in but it sadly says a lot about the way people living in this world think.”

Charlotte started the year off with a bang and her first remix was the mix for ‘Space Riders‘. Afterwards, the artist, who signed with Ferrari in motor sports, released the Formula EP series. Charlotte, who also worked with Mixmag and Armada, presented the remix of ‘The Age of Love‘ with Enrico Sangiuliano, which, surely, will not be forgotten for a long time and is still at the top of the charts. The biggest hit for KNTXT was the Asura EP she released. Continuing to work until the last day of the year, Charlotte made impressive singles and remixes such as ‘Doppler‘, ‘Amnesiac‘ and ‘Hold That Sucker Down‘.

Evaluating every opportunity she found, except for the cancellations, Charlotte was supposed to start the new year in Ukraine. Then pre-summer U.S.  touring Charlotte presented ‘The Age of Love‘ here and then got ready to perform at the Seismic Dance Event. But the unfortunate artist faced visa issues many times. At the EXIT festival in Serbia, everyone was preparing for her legendary show, because the fans complained a lot about the canceled shows and got sicked by the pandemic. While everyone was waiting for her at Tomorrowland, unfortunately that show was also cancelled, but the goddess still managed to satisfy the audience both at Creamfield and at the Italian Formula 1 circuit. At the end of the year, she held many events as part of the KNTXT tour, the most resonant of which was Istanbul, and entered the new year in the USA and she still sets on different locations there.



Germany | House | dr Different Recordings | ‘Cold Heart

The mysterious DJ with a golden mask has been at the top of the alternative lists for the past few years, while continuing to claim in the House genre. The artist, whom we believe will continue this development and reach the summit, is seen among the most valuable of the last year. The artist, who has been on the stage for 10 years and succeeded in releasing albums and making hits, had the opportunity to work with Grammy Award-winning Stuart Price this year. In addition to these, he managed to make remixes for very important names. Among these names are such as Elton John, Dua Lipa, John Summit, Sofi Tukker and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man.

“Masks can be changed, but they cannot be taken off.”

The leading lists of the artist, who managed to fit many albums in the past year, were My Night, Wake Up, Just A Ghost, Right Into You and especially the hit one, Closer. Remixing ‘Cold Heart‘, the mix of Elton John and Dua Lipa, Claptone presented his most remarkable production this year. This remix, which appeals to millions in a short time, appears on many lists.

Claptone, who was left behind from his shows due to closed stages, was resurrected with the reopening of clubs and made a comeback with The Masquerade parties, which he designed in accordance with his unique style. USA and Europe-based gigs were the events that symbolized him. The lighting and production he designed specifically for his show is commendable.



UK | House, Techno | hcrHot Creations | ‘Tainted Love

Jamie Jones is an Ibiza resident and is described as an unstoppable force in the techno music world with his Paradise parties. The club shows and festivals he performed in the UK and the pieces he edited for his label always catch great attention. Although the clubs were closed due to health reasons, Jones never stopped this entertainment and kept it going with Amnesia. Leading the way by including new artists on his labels, Jones determines his own reputation and even determines the music himself. This year, everything is going well for Jones, who also became a father, and it seems that he aims to continue this happiness on the sets for upcoming events

I love techno and I love what I do. But sometimes it can be a little closed minded. I love to be involved in this world, but I try to always see what else is out there. If my ambition was to be the biggest techno minimal DJ whatever there is, then I wouldnt be doing things the way Im doing them, Im not interested in that kind of success, Im interested in reaching as many people as possible with my productions and playing parties that mean something to me, so that I can always be satisfied when the lights come up.”

Paradise has come back this year with great enthusiasm, as if it had taken its toll. The event, led by DJ Deeon and Kate Simko, took the stage at Brooklyn Mirage. The event, which was held once again in Los Angeles, was followed by Loveland in Amsterdam. Apart from these special shows, of course Jones takes the stage in other important events too. He can be seen in line-ups on Closing Party, Tobacco Dock, Citizen News, Time Warp, and Fabric. In addition to all these, Jones managed to attract the attention of the audience with their work “Forever is Composed of Nows“, which they carried out jointly with Mixmag, besides More Energy/I Need It and Handy Work.




Russia | Techno, Sub-genres | tripTrip | “Skyscrapers

Your favorite dentist, sometimes the queen of techno, and the most iconic woman of all events. While did not have any singles in the past two years, she came to the fore in reproduction and vocalization with “Skyscrapers“, which released this year. The artist, who left a mark with her rhythmless but unique, stagnant but enveloping vocal, is not actually tied to any genre as she mentioned. She is making the music she loves. The single became so popular that HI-LO peaked at number one on the charts, especially with its remix. In addition to this, names such as Solomun, PTU, Ryan Elliott and Vladimir Dubyshkin also made their remixes for the single.

“What has been pushing me all these years is my excitement about what I’m doing. I have to be excited about the music. My creativity only works on the edge. There must be some emotional edge or some kind of adrenaline that gives me something to start the engine, because I think that’s the whole part of me being a DJ: my biggest value in music is emotion. It’s a human being behind the decks.”

Adding new flavors to her label day by day, Kraviz creates a fantastic universe in her own way and hosts legendary names such as Steve O’Sullivan, Roma Zuckerman and Aleksi Perälä. Besides Label, Kraviz is the most attractive person of the dance music scene, is either on the cover or in the slogan of all events. The closing set she made at Exit this year has become the common chat material of all listeners. In addition, Kraviz, who managed to compose the main music of the video game Cyberpunk 2077, in which Keanu Reeves also took a role, and to be a part of it last year, carries her charm to different areas with each passing day.



South Africa, Switzerland | Melodic House | purifiedPurified | ‘Oblivion

Nora en Pure, the indispensable name of important event and organization centers such as Ultra, Tomorrowland, Coachella and Ibiza, is on the radar of all organizers. Her whole personality is actually reflected in his music. Her stage name, label name, music names and auro come together with a melodic style that puts the listener at ease and as she she says for loving what she does. Continuing to broadcast on the radio channel belonging to the label company during the lockdown, the artist gave soul-feeding works such as ‘Monsoon‘, ‘Oblivion‘ and ‘Aquatic‘. Last summer, she directed in a different perspective with Lizz Cass with a more instrumental song called ‘Won’t Leave Your Side‘. Also participating in a project with the song ‘Aquatic‘, Nora offered a volunteer-based charity that all incomes provide to help the ocean and the living species there.

“I always like to have a strong nature focus, using sounds of wildlife or organic instruments that create a sense of wanderlust, while keeping it crisp and thight.”

Nora, who returned to the stage last summer by way of Beatport, put on an excellent show in Switzerland. Having completed the year with festivals in Mexico last month, Nora still continues her organizations in North America. Alongside the mentioned EPs such as Monsoon and Thermal, Nora presented a large-scale musicbook this year called Enourmous Tunes, besides Cool Girl and Tantrum.


peggy gou

South Korea | House | gudu Gudu | ‘Nabi

Everything was going badly for Peggy Gou, who had to be confined to home just as her career was at the point where it took a leap. But stopping Peggy Gou is not that easy. This celestial feature, which reflects the boundless energy behind her success at every opportunity and transmit it to the other side, is undoubtedly enough to include her in this list at the top ones. Peggy Gou, who conveyed her energy correctly despite all these negativities, became one of the few artists who managed to convey her rhythm correctly through live broadcasts and social platforms, such as YouTube or IGTV.

“Creative people need to sometimes do nothing to be creative.”

In this way, she managed to make an impact with the two singles released on her own label during the summer. She had such a grace in herself that right after the warm rhythmic songs with this summer breeze, clubs started to open again and it was as if all roads were preparing for her. Peggy Gou, who managed to create a positivity amidst all the negativities, began to take the stage nonstop in all continents and following her success, she managed to make partnerships with brands such as Nike, Samsung and Louis Vuitton. Peggy Gou’s next step was to establish her own fashion brand, Kirin. She also reflected this fashion trend, which included Korean motifs, also in her music.

Apart from her remix work with I Need You, the singles I Go and Nabi were her portraits from last year. In addition to her live broadcasts with the theme of isolation and lockdown, organizations with Cercle and Montblanc, especially in France, put her at the spotlight. The star name, who also performed in Ibiza, took over the set in many fashion weeks. Peggy, who entered the new year in the U.S., continues her tour of North America these days.


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