Bicep release a new amazing video clip ‘Saku’

Bicep’s release second album; Isles includes two tracks with vocalist and producer Clara La San.

‘Saku” Another Bicep piece, ready and heavy with sad melancholy. But it also points out that the duo is different from their typical voice. Again, it feels 90s like in the Glue song. The first two effects can be felt in drum programming.

Saku  R&B of course, shines with La San’s participation, but it also stands out for Bicep’s dedication to clean, flashy productions that evoke an emotional response. The introduction of the clip created a Gaspar Noé effect for me.

In the clip, the feelings of the girl who stayed in her cycle are reflected in us. I already find all the videos of bicep successful. Thanks once again bicep for the beautiful video clips with their different styles.Isles is out on 22 January via Ninja Tune. Pre-order here and watch the new visual for Saku below.Don’t miss the global live stream on February 26th.