5-Facts You’ve Never Heard of | Amelie Lens

The unstoppable techno phenomenon has built a massive techno empire with her eclectic, hypnotic, high, heavy and energetic acid techno. Today, the founder of LENSKE, Belgian icon DJ Amelie Lens is our topic for the facts that you never heard of.

It was the year 2006 that Amelie just had listened to a techno track for the first time ever at DOUR FESTIVAL, at the age of 16. So she was not born into the techno world directly. She became part of it.

We do not know much about her father, but it is too clear that she had a deep connection with her mother Renée. That is why she used ‘Renée‘ as a stage name at the beginning of her career.


A fun fact that she was involved into the food industry, where they produced things about corns and oats with her partner Sam. The company was called “Baearbar“. Moreover, her brand was in run until 2015.


In contrast to her bright and stunning career which seems as old as the other queens of techno such as Kraviz, which they accompanied a lot in the clubs and festivals; Amelie Lens debuted in techno scenes just a few years back, in 2016, with her EP ‘Exhale‘.



Besides her boyfriend and partner, Farrago, her family is consisting full of lovely creatures. She has three cats and a dog that she frequently posts them on her social media.