Photos & Videos Taken in The Top-Secret Club: Inside Berghain

Explore the mystery of Berghain, Germany's iconic nightclub. Discover rare photos & videos taken in the top-secret nightclub Berghain.

Photos & Videos Taken in The Top-Secret Club: Inside Berghain
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Warning: Contains spoilers…

Dive into the enigmatic world of Berghain, Germany’s most talked-about nightclub. In this blog post, we unravel the allure and secrecy surrounding the photos and videos taken in the top-secret nightclub Berghain. Discover why this venue is not just a club but a phenomenon that has captivated electronic and music enthusiasts worldwide.

Photos & Videos Taken in The Top-Secret Club: Inside Berghain

Berghain, one of the most popular nightclubs in Germany, takes the attention of electronic and music fans, especially for its ultimate mystery and privacy. These words are not in vain because the number of people who are not allowed to enter the club is almost the same as the number of participants joining an ordinary event.

Photos & Videos Taken in The Top-Secret Club: Inside Berghain
Berghain | Source: DJMag

Besides, it is almost impossible to take a picture both at the entrance and inside the club since cameras are strictly prohibited. Of course, some of the reasons for this are not to disturb the nature of music and entertainment for the people there. But contrary to all these, some heroes have overcome these impossibilities and leaked a few photos & videos from Berghain nightclub.

Here are some photos and short video clips from those amateur-taken videos inside Berghain.

Photos & Videos Taken in The Top-Secret Club: Inside Berghain

Steffi Panorama Bar

This video of a Sunday afternoon was taken a decade ago from the upper stairs of the venue and puts a smile on the faces nostalgically.

Berghain Inside

Hyped! But some fans might not have liked it since some of the comments were, “You don’t deserve to be there; how could you get a video there!


The oldest video in the history of YouTube was shot in Berghain. One of the comments is, “I had no idea about the interior place and was very curious about it. Thanks to you, I now see what the place is like.” In addition, the quality of the video is remarkable despite the fact that it was shot so long ago.

The Walk of Shame

This video, taken by Jan Baeten, went viral ten years ago. A group of friends, who are not allowed to be let in, are discussing this issue with the other participants in the vicinity, using the “Walk of Shame” analogy they gave before the entrance to the club.

“Fix My Dick” by Christeene

Chaotic, gothic, and manic! Of course, it is not just the privacy rules that make this club special. In one of the moments, where some events include “extremities“, a drag queen appears and gives you “disgusting” moments.

Amazing Things You Didn’t Know

No other club in the world is talked as much about as Berghain, but everyone just focuses on how to get in there. Here is a little collection of some interesting stuff most of you have never heard of. Get a peek inside Berghain.

Berghain The Techno Mecca – Explained From The Inside

Berghain stands as the undisputed pinnacle of the global techno scene. Nestled in Berlin, Germany, this colossal nightclub, repurposed from an old power station, magnetizes thousands of electronic music aficionados every weekend. Renowned for its electrifying ambiance, unparalleled sound quality, and dedication to showcasing cutting-edge underground electronic beats, Berghain has become a beacon for the genre’s connoisseurs.

The club’s distinctive, industrial chic echoes its power plant origins, offering a stark, mysterious environment that resonates with raw and untamed energy. Its interiors, characterized by stark concrete architecture and subdued lighting, craft an immersive experience that is both primal and transcendent.

Inside Berghain
Inside Berghain | Image Via Renegade Raider Reviews

Berghain’s allure isn’t just in its auditory and visual experience but also in its aura of exclusivity, amplified by a notoriously selective admission process. This not only cultivates a sense of mystery but ensures that those inside are dedicated to the essence of the experience. Within its expansive confines, Berghain unfolds multiple dance floors, each offering a unique sonic adventure, from techno to house, and beyond, played by the world’s top DJs.

At the heart of Berghain lies its main dance floor, a sanctuary of sound boasting a state-of-the-art sound system that’s revered globally. The music, a melodic journey through various electronic genres, coupled with a vibrant, diverse crowd, creates an electrifying atmosphere that’s both invigorating and inspiring.

Berghain’s exceptional blend of supreme musical offerings, a charged atmosphere, and an aura of exclusivity has cemented its status as the ultimate sanctuary for techno enthusiasts worldwide, truly earning its title as the techno mecca of the world.

Conclusion: Photos & Videos Taken in Berghain Nightclub

The allure of Berghain is undeniable. Its reputation as one of Germany’s most exclusive nightclubs is well-earned, with its strict entry policies and an even stricter no-camera rule. Yet, the photos and videos taken in the top-secret nightclub Berghain that have surfaced over the years offer a rare glimpse into its electrifying atmosphere. These photos, though few, capture the essence of a place where music, mystery, and memories intertwine.

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Photos & Videos Taken in The Top-Secret Club: Inside Berghain

What do you think about these photos and videos taken inside Berghain? Let us know in the comments below!

Bonus: Berghain Bouncer Sven Marquardt – The Berghain Gatekeeper

Sven Marquardt is a figure who looms large in the mythology of Berlin’s nightlife, a man whose name is synonymous with the city’s most exclusive and enigmatic techno club, Berghain. As the club’s most famous gatekeeper, Marquardt has become a living legend, embodying the spirit of Berlin’s underground scene. With his imposing presence, tattooed face, and discerning gaze, he holds the keys to a world where the pulsating beats of techno music meet the freedom and eccentricity of one of the world’s most vibrant cultural landscapes.

Sven Marquardt - The Berghain Gatekeeper
Sven Marquardt – The Berghain Gatekeeper | Source: PlayfulMag

Marquardt’s role at Berghain goes beyond merely deciding who enters; he curates an experience, ensuring the club’s atmosphere remains true to its roots. His decisions at the door are as much about protecting a culture as they are about maintaining an environment where music, art, and freedom of expression merge seamlessly. Beyond his persona as the gatekeeper, Marquardt is also an accomplished photographer, capturing the raw and unfiltered essence of Berlin’s subcultures. His work provides a glimpse into the depths of the city’s soul, showcasing the faces and places that define its unique character. Sven Marquardt’s story is one of art, identity, and the relentless pursuit of authenticity in a world that’s constantly changing.

There is also a Q&A interview done with him on GQ and another interview at PlayfulMag, which you can check out if you are wondering about him.

Spotters In The Line

The selection process at Berghain often starts much earlier than one might expect, possibly even as you join the queue. It’s widely speculated that individuals, discreetly mingling among those waiting, are tasked with observing and assessing potential guests. These unofficial screeners are on the lookout for any clear signs that someone might not align with the club’s ethos — be it overtly tourist behavior or indications of attending for reasons not in harmony with the venue’s culture.

Consequently, if you’re flagged by these observers for not fitting the desired profile, this information could be communicated ahead (to the gatekeeper(s)), sealing your fate even before you reach the door. Ironically, this preliminary screening doesn’t spare you from the anticipation and discomfort of waiting; many find themselves enduring long hours in the cold, only to be met with a direct refusal when they finally confront the doorman.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To satisfy your curiosity, let’s answer some of the FAQs about Berghain.

What Does “Berghain” Mean?

The name “Berghain” intriguingly translates to “mountain grove“, yet its significance goes beyond this literal interpretation. It is a clever amalgamation derived from the names of two neighboring districts in Berlin that were once divided by the infamous Berlin Wall: Kreuzberg, located in what was formerly West Berlin, and Friedrichshain, in the East. The club’s name, Berghain, symbolizes more than just a geographical union; it embodies the spirit of reunification that swept through the city in the 1990s.

How is Berghain Pronounced?

The pronunciation of Berghain varies by region, with British English speakers saying “buhg-hine” and American English speakers opting for “br-gayn“. The German pronunciation can be found online, with the phonetic spelling being “Berg-hain“.

What Did Berghain Use to Be?

Before transforming into the iconic club it is today, the Berghain building began its life as a coal-fired power plant. Constructed in 1954 on what was then Stalinallee, it was operated by the Swedish company Vattenfall. By the 1980s, the plant had become outdated and was subsequently decommissioned and left deserted.

When Did Berghain Open?

Berghain made its debut in 2004, nestled near the Ostbahnhof train station at the Am Wriezener Bahnhof site. It quickly distinguished itself not just as a single venue but as a triad of distinct spaces: Panorama Bar, celebrating house music on its top floor; Berghain, the revered techno chamber; and Lab.Oratory in the basement, a sanctuary for gay men exploring fetishes through themed events. The inauguration of these spaces was staggered. Panorama Bar opened on October 15, introducing its house music ethos. A few months later, on December 18, Berghain’s techno heart began to beat. The following year, Lab.Oratory unveiled its unique realm through a side entrance, hosting events that cater to a variety of fetishes. In 2017, Berghain expanded its musical exploration with the introduction of Säule on March 23, a space dedicated to avant-garde and experimental electronic music, located on the ground floor.

Who Started Berghain?

The inception of Berghain can be traced back to Norbert Thormann and Michael Teufele, two visionaries known for their discreet nature and for pioneering the Snax fetish parties in 1992. These events, characterized by their bold and inclusive atmosphere, laid the groundwork for what Berghain would become. Their journey began at Bunker, an illicit venue within a former Nazi air-raid shelter, and meandered through various Berlin locales before settling in a former train repair depot on the Spree River’s banks in Friedrichshain. This venue, Ostgut, hosted the original Snax parties and evolved to include spaces that would later be recognized as Panorama Bar and Lab.Oratory, serving as Berghain’s precursor. In 2003, the imminent construction of the O2 World Arena (now Mercedes-Benz Arena) necessitated Ostgut’s closure, marked by a legendary 30-hour farewell bash. However, the spirit of Ostgut would be reborn across the tracks as Berghain in 2004. Initially leasing the space, Thormann and Teufele eventually became its owners in 2011, continuing to operate under the Ostgut GmbH banner, a nod to their foundational venue and the enduring legacy they’ve built in Berlin’s nightlife.

Who Designed Berghain?

The interior of Berghain was masterfully crafted by Thomas Karsten and Alexandra Erhard, the dynamic duo behind the design studio Karhard. This studio stands out as one of the rare sources where one can glimpse the club’s interior through a design-focused lens, offering a unique and intriguing viewpoint.

Berghain Club - Detailed Floor Plan
Berghain Club – Detailed Floor Plan | Source: DJMag

What is Berghain Techno?

Berghain’s main floor features a unique brand of techno known for its minimal, industrial sound, characterized by deep basslines and crisp hi-hats. The club’s sound system is finely tuned to enhance this genre, filling the vast space with its distinctive auditory landscape.

Why is Berghain So Famous?

Berghain’s fame stems from various factors, most notably its stringent door policy. This exclusivity isn’t about spending power but whether the door staff feel you truly understand and appreciate the club’s ethos. With its unpredictable entry process and the legendary experiences awaiting inside, Berghain has earned its reputation as the world’s most iconic nightclub.

How Many Floors Does Berghain Have?

Berghain consists of four (4) floors within a repurposed East German power plant. With a capacity for 1,500 people, the club includes three dance floors: the main floor, Panorama Bar, and Lab.Oratory, catering to a wide range of musical tastes and experiences.

Berghain Club
Berghain Club – Detailed Room Plan | Source: DJMag

What Happens Inside The Berghain Darkroom?

The mysteries of the Berghain darkroom have long sparked the curiosity of those outside its walls, offering a glimpse into a world where sexual freedom is embraced in its most unfiltered form. The club’s strict no-camera policy ensures that what happens within its spaces, particularly the darkroom, remains a private experience, blurring the lines between public and intimate acts. This policy extends to the point where visitors’ mobile phone cameras are covered with green stickers upon entry, safeguarding the privacy of all attendees. The darkroom at Berghain is designed as a realm where the visual is traded for the tactile, a space where anonymity is cherished, and sensory exploration is encouraged. This environment deliberately minimizes voyeurism, fostering a more personal and experimental interaction. Details about what occurs inside the darkroom are scarce and often veiled in secrecy, even among the most candid of online discussions. Anecdotes shared by those who’ve ventured within hint at the darkroom’s nature without providing explicit details, suggesting it’s a place for those willing to immerse themselves fully in the club’s unique atmosphere. Adjacent to the dance floor, the darkroom is not for everyone; it demands an open-mindedness that may surpass even the expectations of those who’ve successfully navigated Berghain’s selective entry process. For visitors who may not feel ready to plunge into the darkroom’s depths, the club offers other areas that, while dimly lit, provide a less intense experience, allowing everyone to find their own comfort level within Berghain’s legendary space.

Who Plays At Berghain? Who Are The Artists?

The roster of DJs who grace the decks at Berghain is a topic of much intrigue among electronic music enthusiasts. Artiom Dashinsky, a dedicated follower of the dance music scene, embarked on an extensive analysis covering over 10,000 bookings across nearly a thousand events at Berghain, spanning from November 2009 to April 2021. His research aimed to unveil the most frequent performers within the hallowed halls of this club. In his deep dive, Dashinsky identified nearly 3,000 different artists who have taken part in Berghain’s meticulously curated lineups. A select few have achieved the distinction of playing there over 100 times, including Boris with 123 appearances, nd_baumecker at 121, Norman Nodge at 114, Marcel Dettmann with 112, Ben Klock and Tama Sumo both at 106, Nick Höppner at 105, Fiedel at 104, and Steffi rounding out this elite group with 103 performances. When it comes to record labels, the analysis revealed that Ostgut Ton, closely associated with Berghain, topped the list with a whopping 1,217 bookings. They were followed by Figure, with 124 bookings, and Running Back, with 107, showcasing the club’s commitment to featuring artists from labels that resonate with its distinctive sound and ethos. Note: The most accurate and current lineup is always available on Berghain’s official website. Resident DJs include Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, and Tama Sumo, among others. Knowing the night’s lineup can be crucial when interacting with the doormen.

Who Gets Into Berghain?

Berghain tends to attract a more mature crowd, with the majority of patrons being over 30. However, younger visitors shouldn’t be deterred; demonstrating mature behavior in line can improve your chances. The club has a firm stance against “techno tourists“, emphasizing respect for its culture and rules.

Can You Sleep in Berghain?

While sleeping inside Berghain is technically permitted, solo nappers may find themselves nudged to leave. If you’re part of a group and at least one person remains awake, it’s more likely you’ll be allowed to catch some Z’s without interruption.

What is Berghain’s Smoking Policy?

Smoking inside Berghain is prohibited. The club’s size exempts it from allowances made for smaller establishments. Smokers must use designated outdoor areas.

Is There a Cloakroom in Berghain?

Berghain provides a cloakroom service located near the entrance. Upon entry, guests receive a sticker for their phone camera and a ticket for any items checked in.

What Do Berghain Bouncers Ask? (Berghain Bouncers’ Questions)

A basic understanding of German can be advantageous. You might be asked:

  • Wie viele?” (How many?) — Respond with the number in your group, followed by “bitte” (please).
  • Bist du allein?” (Are you alone?) — Answer with “Nein” (No) or “Ja” (Yes).
  • Wen willst du heute Abend sehen?” (Who are you here to see tonight?) — Name the DJ you’re interested in, like Tama Sumo or Ben Klock.

What Days Are Berghain Open?

DayOpening Hours
Monday00:00 – 06:00
TuesdayClosed (Special Events Only)
WednesdayClosed (Special Events Only)
ThursdayClosed (Special Events Only)
Friday22:00 – 06:00
Saturday23:59 (Midnight)
SundayOpen 24 Hours (Continues From Saturday)

How Much Does Berghain Cost? (Entry + Drinks)

Berghain Cost Breakdown (Entry + Drinks)
Entry Fee:Base Price: €12 to €20 (varies by day, event, and hours). Some say it’s €30 now, which ensures a further selection because not everyone can afford it.
Note: Special events or renowned DJ nights may incur higher fees. Past reports indicated a temporary €30 to €40 fee for specific events; current standard fees for special occasions may vary.
Drinks:Prices range from €5 to €10 for a beer or soft drink. Berghain operates on a cash-only basis.
Additional Costs:Transportation to/from the club and locker fees for storing belongings.

Inside Berghain

Inside Berghain | Source: DontDieWondering
Inside Berghain

Inside Berghain | Source: DontDieWondering

What to Wear to Berghain? (Berlin Berghain Dress Code / Outfit)

Planning a visit to Berlin’s legendary Berghain?

Understanding the dress code is crucial for securing your entry into this exclusive club. Known for its edgy music and selective door policy, it’s essential to nail your outfit. Our simple guide breaks down the dress code at Berghain to ensure you’re perfectly prepped for a night at one of the world’s most iconic nightclubs.

General Guidelines

The Berghain-style mantra is simple, casual, yet edgy. Reflecting the club’s industrial vibe and eclectic techno beats, the attire isn’t strictly enforced but should follow these relaxed guidelines:

  • Steer clear of formal or business attire.
  • Aim for a laid-back yet polished look.
  • Black dominates the color scheme among attendees.
  • Flaunt your unique style.
  • Accessories? Yes, please! They’re your style amplifier.

What to Wear

Footwear: Comfort reigns supreme in Berghain. You’ll be on your feet for hours, so go for sneakers, boots, or sturdy shoes. Skip the high heels and tight dress shoes to keep the night enjoyable.

Clothing: Casual but stylish is your go-to.

Here are some top picks for your ensemble:

  • Black jeans or trousers for a sleek base.
  • Graphic or band tees add a pop of personality.
  • Leather jackets or hoodies for a cool layer.
  • Tank tops or crop tops keep things breezy.
  • Statement accessories to express your individuality.

Berghain celebrates self-expression, so wearing something that showcases your personality isn’t just accepted, it’s encouraged!

What to Avoid

Even though Berghain’s dress code is flexible, some items are better left at home:

  • Suits and fancy dresses are too uptight.
  • Sports gear and athletic wear miss the mark.
  • Skip anything overly revealing or excessively glittery.

These tips are just the starting point. Berghain values individuality, so feel free to mix up these suggestions to suit your personal style.

Tackling Berghain’s dress code is less about conforming and more about embracing its casual, edgy ethos. Comfort should be your priority, and while the guidelines are there to guide you, your unique twist on them could make all the difference. Dress to express and prepare for an electrifying night at Berghain.

What Happens Inside Berghain?

Beneath the imposing shell of a former power plant, a symphony of pounding bass and flickering strobe lights lures a curious congregation. They stand in a silent queue, bathed in the neon glow, each hoping to become part of the legend – Berghain.

Inside, the air thrums with a primal energy. Smoke hangs like a veil, obscuring the industrial cavern that now pulsates with the collective heartbeat of the dance floor. Here, individuality dissolves into a tapestry of movement, a kaleidoscope of self-expression fueled by the relentless techno. Bodies become instruments, swaying, stomping, lost in the sonic ritual.

In the shadows, whispers of liberation mingle with the rhythmic pulse. Dark corners offer sanctuary, a canvas for desires whispered and boundaries blurred. Yet, amidst the hedonism, a sense of respect prevails. A silent code, an unspoken agreement to leave the outside world at the door to exist in this shared moment of uninhibited revelry.

Hours melt away, measured not by clocks’ ticking but by energy’s ebb and flow. The sun paints the sky with hues of orange and pink, a stark contrast to the pulsating heart of Berghain. As the first rays of light pierce the smoke-filled haven, a sense of catharsis hangs heavy in the air. They emerge, bleary-eyed but exhilarated, carrying the secrets of the night within them, a silent testament to the transformative power of belonging, for a fleeting moment, to something bigger than themselves.

This is Berghain – not just a club, but a temporary state of being, a sanctuary for the soul, shrouded in the velvet cloak of mystery, forever etched in the memories of those who dared to enter.

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