Images Taken in the Top-Secret Club: Berghain

Today, we get into the Berghain, one of the most popular nightclubs in Germany, which takes attention of electronic and music fans, especially for its ultimate mystery and privacy. These words are not in vain, because the number of people who are not allowed to enter the club is almost the same as the number of participants joining in an ordinary event. Besides, it is almost impossible to take a picture both in the entrance and inside the club and since the camera is strictly prohibited. Of course, some of the reasons for this are not to disturb the nature of music and entertainment for the people there. But contrary to all these, some heroes have overcome these impossibilities and leaked a few videos. Here are some short clips from those amateur taken videos.

Steffi Panorama Bar 

This video of a Sunday afternoon is taken a decade ago from the upper stairs of the venue and puts a smile on the faces nostalgically.

Berghain Inside

Hyped! But some fans might not have liked it since some of the comments were “you don’t deserve to be there, how could you get a video there!” was shaped.


The oldest video in the history of Youtube shot in Berghain. One of the comments is, “I had no idea about the interior place and was very curious about it. Thanks to you, I now see what the place is like.” In addition, the quality of the video is remarkable, despite the fact that it was shot so long ago.

The Walk of Shame

This video, taken by Jan Baeten, went viral ten years ago. A group of friends, who are not allowed to be let in, are discussing this issue with the other participants in the vicinity, using the “Walk of Shame” analogy they gave before the entrance to the club.

“Fix My Dick” by Christeene

Chaotic, gothic and manic! Of course, it is not just the privacy rules that make this club special. In one of the moments, where some events include “extremities”, a drag queen appears and gives you ‘disgusting’ moments.