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5-Facts You Never Heard of About Joseph Capriati

Discover 5 incredible facts about Joseph Capriati, from his first turntable to his deep mentorship with Carl Cox and his near-fatal family incident.

5-Facts You Never Heard of About Joseph Capriati
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  • PublishedJanuary 14, 2024
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Step into the amazing world of techno maestro as we unveil 5 facts you never heard of about Joseph Capriati that paint a richer portrait of the renowned DJ and producer. Beyond the pulsating beats and electrifying performances, discover the unknown facts about Capriati‘s journey, shedding light on the man behind the music.

From personal anecdotes to hidden talents, these revelations promise to deepen your appreciation for the artist’s multifaceted persona, offering a glimpse into the lesser-explored realms of Joseph Capriati’s life and career.

Fact Number 1

At the age of 11, Joseph Capriati paid 500 euros for his first turntable, which he earned by working with his uncle in the construction company in the summer. Then it continued with the presents from his grandmother’s hi-fi and his friend’s channel mixer.


Joseph Capriati

Fact Number 2

Capriati received advice and encouragement from dance music legends like Carl Cox and Louie Vega. Carl Cox played a pivotal role in motivating him to create an album and break his own barriers, leading to the four-year journey of crafting “Metamorfosi“.

You can think of Cox’s impression of Joseph as if he is his lifelong mentor.


Joseph Capriati & Carl Cox

Fact Number 3

Capriati’s initial plan was to become a police officer like his father.

However, a twist of fate occurred when paperwork issues delayed his military service application, coinciding with his record gaining attention in Ibiza. This led him to pursue a full-time career as a touring DJ.


Joseph Capriati & His Father

Fact Number 4

Joseph Capriati collaborated with UNICEF for a fundraising event called ‘Joseph Capriati and Friends‘, aiming to help over 7 million children affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

The event took place at the iconic Diego Armando Maradona Stadium.

Joseph Capriati & Friends - Napoli

Fact Number 5

On January 9, 2021, a tragic incident happened. Joseph Capriati was hospitalized after his father stabbed him during a heated argument that got out of control.

Yet, fortunately, everything went well, and our beloved DJ got back to the stage months later. He asks one thing about this;



I ask only one thing if it is possible, a little respect for my father and my family, since neither I nor any of you have the power and the duty to judge what happened. Family dramas are the order of the day, and especially attention to the press because, as you well know, the news is often confusing and untrue. I forgive my father for the crazy gesture and I pray so much for him. Now I think about healing. See you soon.

Joseph Capriati at The Hospital

Also, don’t miss out Capriati’s greatest one Metamorfosi. Today’s article was about the unheard facts about Joseph Capriati. We wish him the best for his future career and respect. You should also take a look at other posts related to unknown facts about DJs.

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