Top 10 Electronic Dance Music Movies You Should Watch

What about watching movies that are made for dance music? It is possible to go on a journey in the magical world of this culture rather than only listening, but

Top 10 Electronic Dance Music Movies You Should Watch
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  • PublishedNovember 13, 2020
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What about watching movies that are made for dance music?

It is possible to go on a journey in the magical world of this culture rather than only listening, but also watching movies about electronic music. Once again, we realize that there are many movies we missed in our peak-times these days while spending time in our homes. Intending to contribute to your search for movies and adding richness to the funny moments by listening music and watching movies at home, we have listed the top ten movies that contain the holy spirit of electronic dance music.


The 1999 movie by Justin Kerrigan, Human Traffic conveys a weekend of five close friends with the electronic and dance music culture of the day funnily and intimately. Both the music used in the film reflects the musicality of the age and the fluency and sincerity of the film play a significant role in getting this film on our list.


It’s All Gone Pete Tong, released by Michael Dowse in 2004, tells tragicomically a famous DJ’s lost his hearing, hit bottom and sailed towards a brand new beginning in the part of his troubled life. The movie steps forward with its unpredictability of experience alongside with its hopeful offering. You can watch the whole film here where you can see the trailer below.

GROOVE (2000)

Underground dance parties are unique for their fame on the American electronic music stage. Groove is a soft play that summarizes the underground rave parties in the skies of San Francisco in the late 90s very well and which is about the events that happened during the party on one night. You can watch the trailer of this movie below, where John Digweed surprisingly appears, and you can use this link to completely view.


The director of the movie, which is about the world tour of the famous group, Soulwax, formed by Belgian David and Stephen Dewaele brothers leading the representatives of indie music genre in the 2000s, is Saam Farahmand. Part of the Weekend Never Dies, where artists such as James Murphy, Nancy Whang, Erol Alkan, Tiga, Boys Noize, Justice, Busy P, So-Me, Peaches. The Naked Guy, Kitsuné and Klaxons appear in various stages, reflects all the excitement, chaos and humour of the world tour incident to the screen. You can watch the entire movie below.


Our main hero, Tommy Matisse, is a talented musician, yet he decides to return his hometown Melbourne after tragic flaws. Thus he meets electronic music. Then events start to progress. As the film progresses with its dramatic atmosphere, it becomes more fluid and our sense of curiosity swells. Click to entirely watch the movie One Perfect Day, a production that also stands out with its interesting details about the Australian electronic music stage.

EDEN (2014)

Another DJ story full of ups and downs. Paul, who is a DJ student, continues his life with the desire to make music in parallel with Daft Punk, which was founded by his friends during the same period. He also includes his musical passion and sincerity in his commitment to club culture despite various troubles and falls. You can watch the entire movie here, where you can see the trailer below.


The movie, which takes us in a pleasant journey to the nineties, is about following the dance music parties in Ibiza, London and Amsterdam, followed by two friends that are insane dance music addicts from Manchester. And their growing passions in an uncontrollable manner and then the corrupted relationship between them that is about to start. You can reach the entire movie here, which offers an incredibly enjoyable play, with its early dance music scene and beautiful analysis in cultural content.


The two shy and close friends Kevin and Perry come across in Ibiza and start to the experience of a great dance, partying and entertainment. Although this 2000 version movie did not get much attention in the beginning, it still is seen as the exciting production with its content about dance music and culture, and its soundtrack album later on. You can watch the entire movie here.


The comedy-drama movie 24 Hour Party People, which gives the light on the transformation of dance music in Manchester between 1976-1992, starts from the punk rock period of the late 1970s and extends to the rave and DJ culture, which profoundly sensed in the 1980s. The production, which also present impressions from the “Madchester” movement that continued until the early 1990s, received positive reviews by taking part in the Cannes Film Festival in 2002 when it was released. You can watch the entire movie here.


We Are Your Friends is a drama about the story of 23-year-old DJ Cole Carter, who tries to hang onto the electronic music market. While dreaming about being a famous music producer, he gets the opportunity to get closer to his dreams with the help of people he came across; his story briefly summarizes the EDM trend that influenced the period. You can watch We Are Your Friends by clicking this link.
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