Highest Paid Techno DJs In The World

The mysterious question of “Who is the highest-paid techno DJ?” on the stages will be covered in this article.

It is published by some magazines or websites upon who are the biggest stars on the techno stages here, there or over there. The techno music scene has grown tremendously over the past decades. Techno DJs, who have the biggest share for this, focus the world on their sets and beats. They do such amazing work that every work they do, their music choices, beat intervals and countless details that you can think of, make them the most valuable in the world. It is wondered how much is paid for these names, from Carl Cox, who has been seen as an a-list for years, to Charlotte de Witte, who has become the apple of the eye of every festival today?

According to latest findings and actual datas taken from the organizators, the list is made for those who step onto the techno stage as a crown jewel. Here is the list of the richest, highes-paid and most valuable techno stages of this time.


Known for his mouse shaped hood, Canadian artist is accepted as the bad boy of dance music scenes. Apart from his charismatic gear and outfit, everybody embraces the unique music style of him. Deadmau5 is not only a DJ, but also a music producer and merchandiser of his own brand.

It is estimated that Deadmau5 is earning between 200.000$-250.000 per performance. But along with his merchandising and label company Mau5trap, his net annual worth gets up to 30$ million. Do not forget that he is also a programmer in software and some stuff.



All hail the King! Our three-deck wizard is some of a pocketknife. Although he is a supreme star that is looking for the mainstages of the shows, Cox has different incomes from various brands, such as restaurant, football team, drinking etc.

When it comes to music performances, Cox is the number one for night gigs. Both being the star of the events, and householder of very well-known nightclubs, with his ultimate producing and performance he can get up to approximately 60$ million for a year.


The pioneer of house stlye gang, Swedish House Mafia is very productive, entertaining and notorious with their rich musical arrangement. They are hyped for their touring around central Europe by fans.

Today everybody knows them via their liveshows for some famous festivals, or anybody must have heard the name if they are interested in house style. Their matchless and flowless style makes the mark on techno stages.

The mafia of Axwell, Angello and Ingrosso make total net worth of around 100$ million, and 35$ million for a year. It is not easy for a place to call them.



If you go back in time for just a decade, this name was the number one highest-paid DJ on the planet. It is still okay with him that although the names come and go, Aoki is always on this stage with a great popularity.

He is not just a superstar, he is a star-maker too. The people who worked around him had already took on an exclusive stage, and he shared the stage with one a kind names as Afrojack, Diplo, West and so on.

It is known that Steve Aoki has a worth of over a million net total income. With his upmost energy in the last few years could make him up to 15$ million for a year.


Some of you probably hear him for the first time ever. Gianluca Vacchi is a well known Italian businessman and entrepreneur. His fortune does not depend on the music industry, but for a company that is both multinational and multi-domained.

His identity let him to experience a playboy like lifestyle in which he chooses to get on a DJ set. But it should not be percepted as a guy that is snob. He is such talented on the gigs that he is promoted on the internet and social media far more than any others.

Today, Gianluca Vacchi is earning tons of money just for a few speacial and exclusive appearances on the stage for live shows or clubs. It is so hard to find or get him as a guest DJ on the stage. Even if you could, you should know that Vacchi gets over 15$ million worth of value per year. Depends on the location and atmosphere, there will be a lot to pay for him for a night.