Tresor Released 30th Anniversary Compilation

Berlin’s techno temple is now 30 years old and Tresor has released a compilation album for it.

Last spring, Tresor shared a promotional video for the singles and albums that will be released for its 30th anniversary. The content included very important names that left their mark on its 30-year history. This work, which includes 52 important names and works, was divided into parts and introduced in 12×12 vinyl boxsets. In these boxsets, not only important pieces made in the history, but also unheard tracks specially made for the celebration were included.

In October, the process was completed and limited edition special sets went on sale. You can click here to pre-order or browse at prices starting from €180. In addition to the purchased product, gifts such as posters, booklets and stickerpads were also added.

12×12 sets are categorized alphabetically and each section includes 2 or 3 pieces. Those who are curious about these names/tracks can take a look at the vinyl sets below.