Top 5 Highest-Paid Techno DJs

This article will expose techno-heads how much the golden stars of techno music earn per year.

The list is based on the last year’s data of “World’s Billionaires List” by Forbes. Let’s check it out.

#5 – RICHIE HAWTIN | 11$ Million

The British born Canadian star has been performing on techno stages since 1990s. Starting in local nightclubs and bar when he was just 17-years-old, today he lives his dream fullest. It is not coincidence for such a bravery action for that young man.

#4 – APHEX TWIN | 12$ Million

Generally known by his stage name, Richard D. James is best known for his electro music actions especially in techno ambient. Being on the stages more than 30 years, he is called as “the most inventive and influential figure in contemporary electronic music” by the Guardian. In 2015, he was nominated and won the Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronica Album.

#3 – SVEN VÄTH | 14$ Million

Papa Sven is probably the most-known DJ and producer in German market. In addition to his fame in singles, DJing and awards he got, Sven is running one of the world’s well-known techno club, Cocoon, in Frankfurt, Germany. Moreover, his fame is across his country, since in Ibiza we have a night called Amnesia contributed by Papa Sven.

#2 – CARL COX | 16$ Million

He is one of the most characteristic figure in the techno community of all time. Besides his numerous nominations, awards and sets, it is of course no surprise for us to see him on the grandest stages of techno music every year. In fact, he had his own part, ‘Carl Cox & Friends’, in the most important shows such as Ultra Music FestivalThe BPM Festival and Tomorrowland every year.

#1 – DAVE CLARKE | 30$ Million

“The Baron of Techno” takes the first seat at the top in the list. Since the age of 8, Clarke has been interested in music and technology, and to him, “there was no alternative but to go professional.”  Musical success began when he attained a DJ residency at the Brighton nightclub Toppers. Today, Clarke is the representative face of the BBC Studios. It is obvious that Clarke’s success, based on his predecessors at a younger age, pays off quite well today.