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Top 5 Techno Clubs in France

Discover the best techno clubs in France, from iconic venues to underground gems. Dive into France's vibrant techno scene and experience the beats.

Top 5 Techno Clubs in France
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  • PublishedNovember 18, 2022

In this blog post, top nightclubs in France will be examined in terms of atmosphere, residents, facilities, transportation, and even price performance. Dive into our exploration of the top techno venues in Paris, a city that seamlessly marries the old with the new, creating an unparalleled techno experience.

France is the European hub for some of the biggest festivals, which shows the capital’s musical importance internationally. It continues to bring intriguing and eclectic lineups, but the city doesn’t rely on satellite festivals to prove its musical worth. To put France on the international festival map, a few hours north of the capital is closely following in its example. For house, soul, trance, acid, Detroit, and more, head to Paris in the northeastern tip of the capital. There are multi-genre music festivals, taking place in many parts of Paris, mixing an eco-friendly ethos with glamorous artists. Clubs arrange magnificent events, organized by qualified holders, which makes France host to some of underground electronic music’s top talents.

This blog post covers the five best techno clubs in Paris, though the music is present in many places around the city. If you are into techno music and the underground world, this is going to tell you exactly where you need to go to find this kind of music and enjoy a night out in Paris.

Rex Club

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Rex Club | Paris, France

Rex Club has an amazing atmosphere with its partly-made movie theater, which actually stands underground. The club has a solid motion with a low ceiling and extensive room. While most people have moderate and bad reviews of the club are usually in the form of entrance fees and rude staff. It is highly recommended that the best time to go to the club is for special occasions or events.

Once you get through the door in that dark atmosphere, you reach the stage and see the tables at the edges of the bottom and the area to hang out or dance in the center. The club is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays, and unlike other clubs, the door policy for Rex Club is freeing and forgiving. Also, Rex Club is a go-to place for partygoers who love to get out of the club in the morning.


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Wanderlust | Paris, France

The riverside club is in Rive Gauche overlooking the Seine River in southeast Paris. Wanderlust is a scenic terrace club with outdoor and indoor areas. This outdoor spot also sits by the Seine in the 13th arrondissement. With lights above your head in the large, open-air space in front of the stage, you might feel like you’re at a beach club. But Wanderlust is actually in Paris, playing hip-hop and house DJ music.

Wanderlust Paris’ carefully curated pop set lists attract a young audience from all over Europe. From day parties to themed nights, the spacious nightclub has it all. If you like the idea of having a touch of rap music mixed in with your techno outing, this is an ideal spot. The club plays electronic music but also includes some more international influences, with tunes from places like Brazil, the Caribbean, Africa, and South America.

Wanderlust has both an outdoor terrace and a stage inside a big green tube. If you show up before midnight, you can skip the entrance fee to watch the sunset and start ordering drinks and snacks from the booths. Wanderlust Paris is an all-encompassing club waiting to be your new favorite nightlife destination.


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Raspoutine | Paris, France

Embracing Paris’s energy through and through, Raspoutine is an exclusive space showcasing luxury. The nightclub began in 1965 as a Russian cabaret. Today, Raspoutine stands as one of Paris’s most popular and extravagant clubs. In the heart of the Golden Triangle, right by Louis Vuitton Maison Champs Élysées in northwest Paris, Raspoutine’s location complements its chic atmosphere. Velvet furniture and fancy chandeliers give the Paris nightclub an air of luxury.

Set lists of deep house pumps up the dance floor at Raspoutine. The club’s crowd includes many worldwide-known celebrities, such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kanye West. The nightclub is prominent for its exclusivity and its chic – yet wild – parties. If you like to listen to techno in elegant settings, Raspoutine is the place to go. Located in the 8th arrondissement near the Champs Elysées, this sophisticated club is marked by the color red and hosts many high-class Parisians.

Upon entering the club, you will be captivated by the striking red that covers the room and the pulsing music that plays loud enough to vibrate the walls around you. The interior is covered in red decor with gold accents from floor to ceiling. You may even go home to find out that a cute photo was taken of you and posted to the Raspoutine Facebook page by the professional photographers inside. Many people praise the deep house music that is played here, so if that’s your style, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Raspoutine could be one of the best techno clubs in Paris. It is known for its excellent music and ambiance. At this club, there is no minimum spending price for a table, and the bottle prices are not outrageous. This is the place to go if you are looking to relax and dance with cool Parisians.

La Machine du Moulin Rouge

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La Machine du Moulin Rouge | Paris, France

Want to visit the legendary Moulin Rouge but not into burlesque shows? La Machine du Moulin Rouge Paris is a nightclub within the renowned cabaret. We are sure you’ve heard of the Moulin Rouge, Paris’ most famous cabaret since 1889. But did you know that today it doubles as a nightclub? Just next door to where the cancan dance was invented, there is now a popular spot for techno music.

The legendary club was established in 2010 and is in the heart of Pigalle in northern Paris. La Machine du Moulin Rouge is in an already buzzing neighborhood, filled with restaurants and bars in a prime location. Spanning four floors, the club aims to please many patrons as each area embodies a unique environment. Unlike the traditional Moulin Rouge cabaret, this nightclub is a four-story building that hosts contemporary DJs and a lively audience. Each floor has a different interior, ranging from club spaces to a terrace bar and a rooftop space. The main room is the largest, called Le Central, and features popular DJs in concert.

The venue plays mostly house music (dance and techno), as well as some popular hits. Entry usually costs 15 to 20 euros. Be sure to dress nicely enough to impress the bouncers and expect to pay 10 to 15 euros for a cocktail. La Machine du Moulin Rouge plays the best in contemporary sounds. Attracting crowds from all walks of life, the club proves that bigger is better.

Nouveau Casino

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Nouveau Casino | Paris, France

Nouveau Casino Paris is a mythical space for all nightlife enthusiasts. The nightclub opened in 2001 and is in the Belleville area east of Paris, known for its restaurants and entertainment venues. Hexagonal ceilings and walls give Nouveau Casino an edgy, futuristic atmosphere. The stage and dance floor occupy most of the space in the club, emphasizing the club’s focus on music.

The club is known for its alternative and multi-genre vibe. Nouveau Casino has scored performances from Peggy Gou, Amelie Lens, and Boris Brechta, establishing itself as a reputable nightclub. Its audience mainly comprises local hipsters dressed in the coolest Parisienne attire. Head to the distinguished nightclub for a night of impeccable entertainment.

Conclusion: Top Techno Nightclubs in France

France, renowned for its rich history and culture, has also emerged as a hotspot for techno enthusiasts. The country’s vibrant nightlife scene is a testament to its musical prowess, with Paris leading the charge. From the iconic Moulin Rouge’s techno counterpart to the luxurious vibes of Raspoutine, France boasts an eclectic mix of techno clubs that cater to every kind of party-goer. Whether you’re looking for an underground vibe, a touch of luxury, or a mix of both, the best techno clubs in France have something for everyone. As the techno scene continues to evolve, these clubs stand as a testament to France’s enduring love for electronic music, ensuring that the country remains at the forefront of the global techno movement.

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These are our favorite ones; which one of them do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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