Discover The Acid Techno of Brazilian Cóser in His new EP on Urban Soul

Explore Cóser's debut EP "Odisseia" on Urban Soul. Brazilian Acid Techno with a TB-03 heart, out 22/12/2023. Follow his unique sonic journey.

Discover The Acid Techno of Brazilian Cóser in His new EP on Urban Soul
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  • PublishedDecember 25, 2023
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From the south of Brazil, Cóser is the newest figure to launch himself into the techno music scene and reveals his first official EP on Urban Soul, Fight in The Stars.

Artist Name/s: Cóser

Release Name: Odisseia EP

Record Label: Urban Soul

Release Date: 22/12/2023

Discover The Acid Techno of Brazilian Cóser in His new EP on Urban Soul

It is common knowledge that Brazil has big names in techno music. ANNA, Victor Ruiz, Alex Stein, DJ Murphy and many others are part of the upper echelon of the underground scene and, consequently, become inspiration for many new figures that emerge. This is the case of Cóser, a still young DJ and producer who is now launching himself into the underground scene and is already starting off with a three-track EP on Urban Soul, a label run by Tarter, another strong name in his country.

To impress with his trademark right away, Cóser relies on the far from discreet presence of the TB-03, an instrument that is the beating heart of his sound, a legendary machine that is the backbone of true acid techno. In the three tracks of the EP called “Odisseia“, the hypnotic beat takes center stage while powerful kicks hit at 135 BPM, making both tracks very hard-hitting for a newcomer.

Für Elise” features a ripped bass line and samples the classic composition of the same name by German genius Ludwig van Beethoven, but with a much more acidic feel; “Fight in The Stars”, as the name suggests, has a more spacey and cybernetic atmosphere, while “Acid Marine” is heartbreaking and draws you into a hole that almost melts your brain.

Cóser already has other finished tracks ready to be released in the following months and is still working on setting up his own live act setup, to be unique in the whole world. For that, it will feature the TB-03, Aira TR-8, SYSTEM 1, Revas, the brand new Mixer Pioneer DJM A9, and a pair of CDJs, as its presentation format will be hybrid, taking the listener on a sonic journey that unites past, present and future.

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