What is Left Behind: Burning Man 2022

Burning Man is all about self-reliance, and with that comes an abundance of resources. 

Burning Man event, which brings the concept of self-expression to the peak point every year, has left its mark with many dazzling formations this year. In Black Rock City, which has hosted hundreds of thousands of people every year for over 15 years, we encountered fascinating dress-ups.

Building Black Rock City year after year in one of the most inhospitable environments is a unique challenge. Here are a few outfits that marked the closure of the event in the past weeks.


One of the simplest and also most striking outfits of the event, which is also known for its radical ideas, was the rainbow Kat Kelly, which was prepared in accordance with the pride theme. This style, which is in perfect harmony with its sleeves and choker, as well as with its glasses, seems to have achieved its purpose.


Ana Ramiela (@anaramiela) shone like an ethereal angel in her all-white gown. She was perfect with every part of her that fit perfectly on her body. Her stockings, warrior boots, and mythical horns…


Sam Baxter (@samkaris13) came out with a character from the Mortal Kombat series. This unique and perfectly crafted costume took on a very aesthetic stance. She also showcased moves such as the character’s kicks on the field.


Carolina Minchetti (@carolinamininchetti) is a stylist herself and has been making an impact with the outfits she’s created for years. She describes this costume, inspired and fused with tarot cards, as follows: “Have this mystical and energetic meaning that only supreme forces can explain.”


Paris Sinclair (@parissinclair) certainly delighted the attendees in the field. Putting a different dimension to the event, the artist shared her happiness with her red and black embroidered outfit and added: “Nothing makes me happier than putting in the effort of planning, detailing, and confidently rocking every outfit I put together! I do this for me, my own happiness, to be able to fully express myself as my own canvas for wearable art.”