The Phenomenon of Techno Viking

He is an internet saga from various videos and memes in the early 2000s who has never been identified, yet.

The video shootage was taken by the artist named Matthias Fritsch at the Fuckparade event in Berlin, Germany with the title of “Kneecam No:1”. In the video, there is a group of people who is dancing in front of the blue-haired lady. A Viking, who is topless, only wearing Mjölnir pendant and very muscular guy takes the scene. Disturbed by another man there, Techno Viking gets out of that problematic guy, while pointing at the camera which became the symbolic meme of techno scenes from then on.

The shootage is 4-minutes long that also captures the moment in which Techno Viking shows his dancing moves. He goes all along the Rosenthaler Street accompanied with techno music. That’s all about the story we saw in the video.

After uploading it on Youtube in 2006, Fritsch’s video became worldwide famous by watching 4 million times. 15 years later, Fritsch is asked to create a full-documentary about what is happened in Germany and its effects after on. So many people supported, patronized and even funded him to do so.

In 2009, the Techno Viking anonymously found Fritsch and wanted him to remove all the videos about him. Then, Fritsch immediately stopped taking money from Youtube, and deleted the video afterward. But the video was already copied by numerous users, and it is still been uploading.

Anyhow, Fritsch decided to be involved in the documentary of the Techno Viking, and you can reach the video, where you can learn all the other details from the first-hand, here.