The Kick, The Snare, The Hat & A Clap: ’90s Rave Culture in Newcastle

The descriptive short movie about British rave culture and warehouse parties reflecting the 1990s is shot and released by Susie Davies.

The Kick, The Snare, The Hat & A Clap is an independent work created by Susie Davies. The film is mainly based on Newcastle’s Ouseburn Valley region, which has been home to constant change and cultural turmoil since the beginning of the second millennium. 

In summary, the film consists of short speeches and interviews, and also it subjects what is behind the rave scene. We get a lot of details about the rave stories, backstages and even the sound directors. But the main theme revolves around what has changed in the last 20 years, what this culture has become, and how urbanization had an impact on this music.

You can access and watch the whole movie below.

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