Mortal Kombat Releases Thematic ‘Techno Syndrome 21’ Soundtrack

Benjamin Wallfisch has composed the offical soundtrack of the series’ movie part, written by The Immortals.

The upcoming part of the famous Mortal Kombat series, which has become an icon for nearly 40 years in the video game industry, is of course introduced with a new version of the famous theme song “Techno Syndrome“. Being part of Warner Bros Inc., the track is composed by Benjamin Wallfisch and titled as “Techno Syndrome 2021“. On the other hand, the soundtrack of the movie will be released on April 16th, just a week before the show of  New Line Cinema.

In fact, Wallfisch is a famous composer, who was nominated for Emmy, Golden Globe and Grammy, worked already on Blade Runner, IT and Shazam series. The soundtrack is written by The Immortals, and further, mastered by Tom Norris along with Skrillex, Lady Gaga and Zedd. From his words, Wallfisch dedicates this track to the music, fans and the legacy of epic Mortal Kombat series. He devoted much time with the director Simon McQuoid to make it great.

“Ben and I both knew that we needed to use the classic Immortals track ‘Techno Syndrome’ as source material for the entire score of ‘Mortal Kombat.’ But along with that we knew that an updated elevated version of the song also needed to be created,”

McQuoid quotes.

The soundtrack also features themes for some of Wallfisch’s prominent characters in the game such as Lord Raiden, Sub-Zero and many others. Do not miss the part in the movie where Kano versus Reptile, and, Sub-Zero versus Cole Young battles.