Midnight Frontier: The Movie about LGBTQI+ and Queer Nightlife in Georgia

The documentary-style short film set by queer activists in a techno-club in Tbilisi reflects the nightlife in Eastern Europe.

The documentary, which can be watched on YouTube now, takes place in a nightclub in the Georgian capital called Bassiani. Actually, the movie shot in 2019 and focuses on the nightlife experiences of LGBTQI+ rights and their roles.

The 20-minute movie is directed by Peter van Langen. The shots around the Bassiani club in the Horoom district, famous for their parties, that is stuck in the coastal corner of Europe, mirrors the society who try to liberate their souls. It tells the purification efforts of the queer community.

The community, those who are tired of the excessive and violent homophobic acts in Georgia, wants to show that they are after rights and equality in the society. In organizations held in Tbilisi for years, LGBTQI+ members have been subjected to severe violence not only by homophobic people, but also by the Orthodox church, which still continues with the old-fashioned ideas.

If you want to witness the story and culture of these people who want to be the voice of the voiceless in Georgia, you can watch it below and leave a comment. Here comes the Midnight Frontier.