Cyberpunk 2077 & Nina Kraviz With us


Cyberpunk 2077, the expected game of Cd projekt, has been released in the past weeks. The use of their music in very good places outside the game attracted attention. Radios in the game appeared 24/7 on youtube channels. To celebrate the official launch of one of the most fantastic games in recent memory, Russian techno star Nina Kraviz took the decks for a hypnotic DJ set featuring exclusive tracks from the new title.


Kraviz appears in the game as a “ripper doc” an underground type of plastic surgeon who fits people with less legal cybernetics like robotic arms and robotics-enhanced eyes. Nina also made five original tracks for Cyberpunk 2077, contributing to a soundtrack also featuring Run the Jewels, A$AP Rocky, Grimes, and more. Her contributions include, she says “Italo-disco, another murky, trippy techno track, one proper dance banger and… abstract soundscapes.”


You know Nina’s job before she became a DJ was a dentist.She mentions in her interview as follows; Did you see that chair in the ripper doc clinic where she works? It’s so reminiscent of a dentist chair in the hospital where I worked. It’s mental. She also has this metal thing in her hand, and it looks like the dental drill that I know so well. It’s thrilling that my former profession was somehow implemented in my character.




Behind the Scenes: Score and Soundtrack


If you want, a spotify playlist in original tracks and you can find detailed information about the game is here.