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5 Celebrities Who Are Also Good at DJing

These people are as good at their DJ performance as their occupations. For the techno and electro dance music fans, it is quite exotic for having a celebrity performing fabulous

5 Celebrities Who Are Also Good at DJing
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  • PublishedMarch 12, 2021

These people are as good at their DJ performance as their occupations.

For the techno and electro dance music fans, it is quite exotic for having a celebrity performing fabulous on a stage set. That is why the fans usually do not prefer to involve this type of event. Eventually, the result of a celebrity being on a DJ set ends up with terrible scenes.

Yet, here we have listed the unimagined, unexpected and rebutter performances of 5 celebrities, who really did well on the stage. This list is especially designed for these bravery acts who proved the vice versa of this situation. Let’s see who are these 5 celebrities.


When it comes to save the world, Elba stands still at the doors of Bifrost. What does he do for the rest of his spare time? We see him at the gates of DJ cabinets.

Idris Elba is a famous British actor, who became well-known with ‘The Wire‘. Before that, Elba was already involved in DJing. He describes his performance as: techy, progressive, sort of almost bassy house.



Everybody probably knows who is Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings trilogy, or at least heard of. But have you ever heard about Wooden Wisdom?

One of the most famous pop-culture figure today, Elijah Wood is performing on eclectic style of disco vibes with his partner Zach Cowie. The duo is mixing up the famous tracks of electro-techno world. Could you guess what is the stage name of him? DJ Frodo? No way… We are expecting to write your guesses in the comments.



Probably the sweetest giant of the television screens, Hodor had already performed in the Irish clubs. It may stun you to know the fact that Kristian is DJing over 2 decades long before he acted in the series of Game of Thrones. Moreover, he performed in some of the most famous festivals and organizations around the world. For instance, you can see him in the Tomorrowland.



No doubt, he is the most electryfing figure of all the entertainment and sports sector. You may see someone who looks exactly alike Shaq on stages, and would remind him. If you felt this way, it was true that DJ Diesel was making the atmoshphere glow. He may seen as a newbie who is performing on stages, but he is not unfamiliar with turntables. Through his words, we learnt that he started his music career in ’80s. From Tomorrowland to Diplo, Shaq is also hosting his own show, Shaq’s Fun House.



Undeniably, if these 5 names could make a list on DJing, Sasha would rank as first. After retiring from the ‘business of pleasure‘ in 2009, Sasha earned her reputation from a wide range of mass media. But, what made her best known is being on that DJ set. Performing on electronic sounds, Sasha has performed as vocal for Infected Mushroom, Death In Vegas, Throbbing Gristle, and Current 93. She has been on tours and festivals around the world for years, and we strongly recommend you to taste her business in music career.

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