Top 5 Synths that you can buy in 2020

Synthesizer madness comes to the fore again with the productions of Korg, Sequential, Moog and new companies around this field.


In this version, which is reproduced, it includes both new arpeggiator added to the original version and filters as sorter, and there is the midi/USB connection feature as well. While none of these features were included in the 1971 version of the device. Does it look like the original one? Wrong question. Is that a device which is better equipped with modern touches? Absolutely!

3,300 £,


Dave Smith is updating “The Pro Series” with gurgling parafonic synths. The device has the features of including two voltage-controlled oscillators, one wavetable oscillator containing 32 sets of 16 wavetables, three filters, extensive LFO and sequencing. Although it seems a bit daunting, Sequential Pro3 is one of Dave Smith’s modern devices that requires instinction in use.

1,459/1,960 £,


Hydrasynth rises to the peak, which is ideally suited to produce a futuristic sound, with its reasonable price bracket, ease of use and extensive wavetable features. In the new desktop version, it has a keypad that can be used as a keyboard.

799 £,


Classic Wavestation’s updated compact version confronts a very large capacity compared to its older version. This equipment is just for you, if you want to get real sounds produced by reductive synthesis on hardware such as brass and strings. In this device, which is appropriate for preset hunters who like to tune out, you can see a lock-style sequencing parameter to produce a deep and increased sequence.

644 £,


For many people, Sub Phatty was his first step to get into Moog’s world. The company is releasing the Subsequent 25 with its small, budget-friendly, two-note parafon and updated sound engine. Since the most necessary buttons are located on the top panel, it is recommended to use software to benefit from more features.

812 £,