The Top-5 Examined Studio Headsets for You

It is crucial to find the right headset. In this list, we examined the top 5 studio headsets in many aspects.


LCD-4, Audeze’s best headset, will cost you around 4,000 Pound, but LCD-1, which you can find a more affordable price, is one of the best in business. LCD-1 brings you the experience of being in an iconic studio atmosphere by including famous studios’ mappings by mapping your ear with Reveal software.

399 £,

AKG K872/K712 PRO

AKG is a favourite of many mixing and mastering engineers. It is at the top of the list with its K872 wide tuning spectrum and sound quality. While the K712 PRO comes up with a medium price range, it earns our respect by offering high quality with an affordable price.

825/185 £,     


Being the latest does not always mean the best, and just as the HD25 is the industry standard on the shelves, Sennheiser’s HD650 has the same reputation in the studios. The HD800S’ wider headphones come with a price that is determined by its ultimate sound quality.

1399.99 £,


Being famous for its monitor and high-quality hifi feature, the brand offers different prices for two products that appeal for different purposes. If you have a limited budget, Listen Pro is a pretty good option. If you are a professional or an engineer, Hear Pro is for you; both headphones are lightweight and functional.

165 /999 £,


Beyerdynamic’s DT 770/880/990 Pro products were essentials for studios in the 80s and 90s. All three updated versions were offered to the market by renewing according to the demands of the users. With its 1990 model comfortable design, it appeals to production rather than recording.

369 £,