New Six-channel Mixer from Pioneer DJ: DJM-V10

Pioneer DJ introduced the six-channel mixer model, DJM-V10, that appeared with a fresh design.

DJM-V10, which allows getting sounds from six different sources, now also make it more creative to filter sounds in your way with its redesigned four-channel equalizer unit.

The channel sounds in DJM-V10, which include an additional filter that directed to the control button programmed on each channel, can be directed to 4 on-board effect controller and 2 external hardware. Coming with comprehensive connection options that allow additional installations like external effect hardware and guitar pedals, the product also offers an opportunity to take advantage of mobile application use during performance through its MULTI I/O connection.

The product also takes attention with its isolator unit and dual headset output features that allow interfering to high, mid and low frequencies of the whole mix.

You can watch below the promotional video of Pioneer DJ’s new mixer model DJM-V10 and can visit this page to order immediately.