MODEL 1.4 – Hawtin and PLAYdifferently’s Mixer – is Introduced

Richie Hawtin is one of the designer of MODEL 1.4 that works completely analog

PLAYdifferently introduced its new DJ mixer equipment MODEL 1.4, in which Richie Hawtin played a role in the design process.

The new four-channel model, designed specifically for DJs playing at home and doing live broadcast, came four years after the previous version, MODEL 1. Each of the four channels has low and high pass filters, SCULPT EQ technology and analog overdrive circuit. The new product is expected to go on sale this month with a sales price of 2,199 Euros.

Designed and manufactured by engineer Andy Rigby-Jones in UK, MODEL 1.4 has two stereo input and output channels, two mix outputs, two high performance phono preamps, two independent cue systems, a balanced mix bus with dynamic range up to 110dB and D-Sub I / O connector which optimizes the integration of high quality sound card.

If you have and use different equipment in your DJ system, you can connect different PLAYdifferently mixers together via mixer connection system in the new model.

In his statement about the introduction of MODEL 1.4, Richie Hawtin said:

“With MODEL 1, we produced a new generation of DJ mixer equipment, inspired by creativity, containing effective control and quality mechanisms and functioning like an instrument. We think the model, which takes up as little space as possible, is very suitable for home studios and live broadcasts. We have prepared the smaller version of MODEL 1 with four channels at a more affordable price, yet without compromising on design and features. MODEL 1.4 is in line with our original concept that we define as “DJ mixer as an instrument”. “I can’t wait to see the inspiration the product will give to the next generation of DJs.”

You can see the photos and promotional video of MODEL 1.4, which will be used for the first time in HÖR Berlin on Friday, January 22nd, below, and here you can reach the offical website where you can see the product.