Korg has Introduced the new FM Synth Model: OPSIX

Korg’s new product will put on the market in December


Tokyo-based music technology company Korg has introduced a new frequency modulation (FM) synthesizer model.

The new product, called OPSIX, integrates analog interfaces and intuitive sound editing functions with a digital sound engine consisting of six operators. OPSIX has MIDI DIN, USB and stereo outputs, which simplifies complex programming practices in the synthesis of minilog and monologue synths. The product, which has 30 different effect modules including EQ, chorus, flanger, phaser, stereo delay and reverb, also has an OLED screen to see information about the sound source and handle simple edits. OPSIX users will be able to see harmonic information and individual sound waves using the oscilloscope which is built into the product.

Korg’s new synthesizer model also includes a six-voice polyphonic note sequencer that also generates modulation sequencing parameters. Users who are new to FM synthesis will have an infinite number of instant audio editing options with the help of random selection setting.

Below the page, you can preview the promotional video and sound demos of the OPSIX, which will be on sale in December.