Why Techno and Drugs ?

It all started in 1994, the electronic music revolution. It created crazy underground music clubs that were outlawed over time due to drug trafficking. The most impressive thing about techno music is that it’s what makes most people ‘high’ at these events. It has been proven by research done in 2012 about these rave events that the louder the music would be the easier the audience would get into this mental psychedelic effect or better yet a state of mind. This has also proven that loud and reckoning music provokes violent behavior. You know If you would disturb the person that was in such a mental state they would freak out and become violent just as a person that is tripping (a negative side effect of a drug overdose) and is disturbed can act with negative behavior.

In fact, it’s all about the locus of control. It wasn’t just the sound of the music but also the powerful bass that was creating a different pattern of the heartbeats based on the rhythm of the song. Many people with a low locus of control have described the experience as taking a drug, not only the feeling it offers but also the addiction it creates.

We also know the feelings this music creates in ourselves even if we don’t use anything. This is more than a focus on music, it requires a special concentration that most people might not think that way. This type of generation Z tendencies does not have the power it once had. I cannot see any harm unless I exceed the limits. Of course, I will not talk about the damage that drugs cause to the brain. The main thing is ‘control’. The brain needs new thoughts, people, and of course quality music every now and then.