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5-Facts You’ve Never Heard of About Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki is the man of four seasons, jack of all trades and dexterous person that would definetely surprise all the readers with his many variant facts.

5-Facts You’ve Never Heard of About Steve Aoki
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  • PublishedAugust 14, 2023
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Steve Aoki is the man of four seasons, a jack of all trades, and a dexterous person who would definitely surprise all the readers with his many variant facts, below. Get ready for the famous electro house DJ’s life, and facts about Steve Aoki.

Throughout his career, Steve Aoki has received several awards for his work. He is a proud recipient of many DJ awards, from the very top to the ordinary ones. Steve Aoki works extremely hard, as hinted by the title of the documentary about his life, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”. As a result of his hard work and love for music, he has created a wide range of music over the years, thereby building an impressive catalog.

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His father, Hiroaki Aoki, was a famous American wrestler at the time. But the interesting fact is that his father is the founder of the famous New York-based sushi and Japanese restaurant chain, Benihana. More interesting thing than that, Hiroaki Aoki was part of the kitchen staff at the beginning.

Steve Aoki's Father: Hiroaki Aoki


Steve Aoki runs different brands and companies. They all have one thing in common, the name: Dim Mak. If you go and look at what is Steve Aoki‘s record label, you will see that name. If you look at the clothing brand he founded, you will see that name once again. The name comes from his childhood hero Bruce Lee; it was his finisher move.

Steve Aoki's Finisher Move


Beginning in his childhood, he was fancy playing chess. It is usual for a kid, but you must call him a ‘master’, once Steve Aoki became one the top 250 chess players in the world.

Steve Aoki Playing Chess

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There was once a mutual cooperation and education between Steve Aoki and so famous American gold-medal swimmer, Michael Phelps. He helped Phelps how to DJ, in return to get tips in swimming.


He is like the charismatic enigma of the screens. It is not possible to see him around. Turn on any channel on the TV; there is a possible chance to see Steve Aoki playing. Let’s look at some of the TV series he had been on, such as ‘Arrow’.

Today’s article was about the unheard facts about Steve Aoki. We wish our best for his future career and respect. Furthermore, do not forget to be part of his charity foundation, ‘Steve Aoki Charitable Fund‘. Then, you should also look at Techno Airlines’ other articles about DJs.

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