Top 10 Electronic Dance Music Documentaries You Should Watch

Plenty of documentaries about the processes, inner world, point of view and its developing structures of electronic and dance music have been and are still being made. This is the

Top 10 Electronic Dance Music Documentaries You Should Watch
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Plenty of documentaries about the processes, inner world, point of view and its developing structures of electronic and dance music have been and are still being made. This is the best part of music documentaries. It shows you that world in a connected and open way. We gathered together ten best electronic and dance music documentaries that we think you will watch with pleasure and interest during this time while we retreat to our homes.


The documentary, which takes the techno scene in Germany from its starting point to its developing process until the mid-nineties details, is a triumphant work that should not be missed. It was released in 2008 by Maren Sextro and Holger Wick.


This documentary of Jon Reiss is described as the first feature-length documentary about the history of electronics and dance music. It is a very comprehensive documentary with interviews with various musicians such as Moby, Carl Cox and BT, along with the rave extension of the electronic dance music scene in America. This is a work that is qualified for anyone interested in music.


This comprehensive documentary of Gary Bredow in 2006 examines the cultural history of Detroit as well as the deepest roots of techno music. Being of the most essential points of musical motion and development in industrial cities, Detroit is a place where artistic creativity never ends despite the global economic crisis. The documentary, which is started to told by in the view of the inventor of Detroit techno, known as Beneville trio, namely Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. And enriched by the contributions of other famous names in the field, is described as one of the significant work among the music documentaries.


The documentary, which is a production that investigates and examines the roots of electronic music and its stages and evolutions, can actually be described as a little more academic than other documentary studies. It analyzes the formed and changing forms of the genres with the audience and what is effective in catching modern steps. It examines the basis of electronic music and its evolution process with a different view. Peter Shapiro, one of the vital music researchers and authors, wrote the book “Modlations: A History of Electronic Music” in 2000 based on this documentary.

THE SUMMER OF RAVE, 1989 (2006)

Are you ready to go on a  journey to the era when Rave culture just has arisen?  The Summer Of Rave 1989 gets you to the bottom of this culture in the sense of time machine. In the period when globalization was inevitable, the end of communism, Margareth Thatcher hegemony and football fanaticism reaches its climax, rave culture begins to emerge with Ibiza dance nights led by the famous nightclub “The Haçienda” in Manchester. It reminds us that music and dance are the most critical instruments that keep humanity up in all kinds of conditions.


Richie Hawtin is one of the names that have an essential influence on modernized electronic dance music today. Richie Hawtin was one of the guests of the 60-minute biographical documentaries of the “Pioneers of Electronic Music” series launched by Slices magazine in 2007. The literature handles the period of his career from early days on the Detroit border to his life in Berlin, along with the interviews with colleagues and family members.  You witness the transformation of electronic music together with Richie Hawtin, one of the genius names in electronic music.


The documentary, which examines the popularization of electronic dance music and the formation of today’s EDM culture details, handles the popular scene with the names with Carl Cox, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, David Guetta, Steve Angello in a traditional way. Do not hesitate to add this documentary to your watchlist, which stands out with its shedding light to our day. You can watch the entire documentary here, where you can watch the trailer below.


The documentary of Sub Berlin – The Story of Tresor detail tells the story of Tresor, one of the most important and oldest clubs in the history of electronic music, starting from 1991 until 2005 where its original location was closed. The effect of this club, which created a significant culture, in Berlin, one of the capitals of music today, has been impressively adapted to the documentary. We recommend you to add this documentary to your watch list that is directed by Tilmann Künzel.


This three-part published BBC documentary examines everything about house music in full detail. It is worthy of watching its examining of dance music culture and the atmosphere of age in the most important capitals of House music. In addition to that, the images from the bottom of the archives are beautifully decorated with various interviews. We must admit that it is a production that should not be ignored.


The documentary, in 2006, deals with the electronic dance music scene in Berlin from a different perspective, tells spending time in clubs such as Berghain, Bar 25 and Watergate on the weekends through the eyes of people who have seen this as a regular part of their lives. It handles the techno harshly, not only as a musical genre that makes you dance but rather transforming into a lifestyle. While it depicts how the people in this culture changed through techno in terms of identity, relations, emotions and career, it also offers you a unique experience.
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