The Fighter against Patriarchy in Zanzibar: Aisha Bakary

Covered in buibui in the eastern part of Africa, Aisha Bakary takes the role of vanguard against male dominance in music industry.

In Zanzibar‘s warm, calm and smoke-smelling lands, you can find Aisha Bakary keeping rhythm with her record player. In buibui, the traditional woman cloth in Zanzibar, with a cloak at her back, Bakary turns the atmosphere into an iconic melody paradise.

Stucked among a patriarchal system in Zanzibar, Bakary turns the table a place where she can earn money with doing this.

“I consider myself a successful DJ who loves what I do, I eat, sleep and breathe my career. I have what it takes to keep a young and energetic crowd on their feet.”

She shows everyone around her that something change in Zanzibar. While her fellows stay at home doing all the domestic stuffs, she is the perfect image of independent woman.

Bakary impressed so many with her excellent talent and aura that give her the statue of becoming an iconic DJ in Zanzibar. Probably you have never heard the name, but there is no doubt her ability on the table with producing music dazzle you.

Aisha met with music in her childhood. Today she can pay her rent, bills and any other thing on her own. You can find her in private events and the club in Dar es Salaam. In her statement to Anatolian Agency:

“I always try to bring a different technique and implement it in a way to have the crowd react to it”

Contrary to the traditional idea of helping mother as a young girl at home, Bakary was interested in traditional music of Zanzibar Taarab.

“I would hide myself in the bedroom to listen to music, instead of helping my mother.”

When she started to produce music in Zanzibar, there is no woman in this circle. Beginning with her steps, she decided to inspire young girls in Zanzibar. On a hand, there were insults and underestimatings, yet on the other, there were also supports and encouragements by others which pushed her potential.

Referring out the musicians at that time, the DJ noted that many had expensive sets but no one had talent back then. After stepping on the stages, she took the scene and respected by many others. Bakary gained lots of awards, focused by the media and now there is only one thing she is looking for: changing the gender roles.