The Fighter Against Patriarchy in Zanzibar: Aisha Bakary

Covered in buibui in the eastern part of Africa, Aisha Bakary takes the role of vanguard against male dominance in music industry.

The Fighter Against Patriarchy in Zanzibar: Aisha Bakary
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  • PublishedFebruary 4, 2021
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Discover Aisha Bakary‘s journey in Zanzibar, where she battled gender norms with her DJ turntables, inspired change, and championed women in music.

In the heart of East Africa, veiled in a traditional buibui, Aisha Bakary emerges as a pioneering force challenging the male-dominated music scene. On the serene, fragrant shores of Zanzibar, she crafts a haven of rhythm with her turntables, transforming the ambiance into a haven of iconic tunes. Dressed in the customary attire of Zanzibarian women, her presence weaves a narrative of defiance and independence amidst a culture steeped in patriarchy.

Aisha Bakary‘s journey is not just about spinning records; it’s a bold statement against societal constraints. She’s not just playing music; she’s playing her part in rewriting the script for women in the industry, proving that success and passion can coexist harmoniously. “I live and love my craft. It’s my passion, my sustenance, and my life’s rhythm. My ability to electrify the youth and keep them dancing is what sets me apart.” she asserts, embodying the spirit of an independent woman who has carved out her niche in a challenging environment.

The Fighter Against Patriarchy in Zanzibar: Aisha Bakary
Aisha Bakary

Her path was anything but easy. Amidst societal expectations to conform to domestic roles, Aisha Bakary was captivated by the traditional Taarab music of her homeland. Choosing melodies over mundane household duties, she secretly nurtured her passion, a testament to her unwavering resolve. Breaking into Zanzibar’s music production scene as its sole female figure, she faced a dual challenge: overcoming the scorn and skepticism of naysayers while drawing strength from the support and encouragement of allies.

Aisha Bakary‘s talent and unique energy quickly set her apart, establishing her as a celebrated DJ in Zanzibar. Unknown to many beyond her shores, her prowess at the turntables and in music production is undeniable, captivating anyone who witnesses her artistry. From private events to clubs in Dar es Salaam, she stands as a self-reliant icon, managing her finances through her passion. “My goal is to innovate and evoke a reaction from my audience, to introduce them to new realms of music.” she shares, highlighting her drive to push boundaries and redefine norms.

Her defiance of traditional gender roles, coupled with her dedication to her craft, has not only paved the way for her success but has also inspired a new generation of girls in Zanzibar. Despite facing initial resistance, Aisha Bakary‘s resilience and accomplishments have earned her widespread respect, numerous accolades, and significant media attention. Now, her focus is on shifting gender perceptions and inspiring change through her music.

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