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Techno Festival Calendar: January 2024

It is a brand New Year. Let’s dive right back into the rhythm from where we left off; "Techno Festival Calendar: January 2024" is here!

Techno Festival Calendar: January 2024
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Happy New Year, techno-heads! Let’s dive right back into the rhythm from where we left off; “Techno Festival Calendar: January 2024” is here!

We are thrilled to present the January 2024 Techno Music Festival & Event Calendar – your exclusive guide to all the unmissable techno music gatherings scheduled this month. Below, you’ll find a meticulously compiled list of Techno Music Festivals and Events set to captivate fans and create waves throughout January 2024.

We have arranged the events chronologically, providing you with a streamlined view of the month’s highlights. Expect to find crucial details for each event that matters to you – from stellar lineups to ticket pricing and more. Should you wish to learn more about specific events or secure tickets, simply navigate to the link provided beneath each event listing. Let the beats guide you!

Trotamundo Festival

January 4th(4-8 Jan. 2024, Montanita, Ecuador)

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary musical odyssey like no other! Join it from January 4th to 8th in the mesmerizing seaside jungle village of Montañita, Ecuador, for Trotamundo, a not-so micro-festival curated by Miami’s renowned Un_Mute events. In partnership with Lost Beach Club, Router Music, and Trommel, they are bringing the world’s finest underground DJs and live acts to create an unforgettable multi-day celebration that will set the tone for an epic start to 2024.

Imagine lush green jungles, pristine beaches, and a bohemian vibe embracing you as you step into this enchanting South American discovery. Trotamundo Festival promises a seamless fusion of music and nature, where each detail has been carefully designed to captivate your senses. Throughout the four days and nights, you’ll experience electrifying parties, world-class DJ sets, and mouthwatering culinary delights, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of Montañita’s idyllic Santa Elena Peninsula.

Trotamundo Festival

World Club Dome (Winter Edition)

January 5(5-6 Jan. 2024, Frankfurt, Germany)

BigCityBeats World Club Dome (Winter Edition) is coming to Frankfurt on January 5/6, 2024, for the first time. It will be the first festival of the year, and it comes with a premiere… After many years in Gelsenkirchen and Düsseldorf, the Winter Edition of the BigCityBeats World Club Dome is finally coming home. On January 5th and 6th, 2024, the Festhalle in Frankfurt will transform into the “largest winter club in the world” for the first time. Techno, trance, hardstyle, Hip-Hop, minimal, hardcore, Rap, Future-Bass, EDM and, and, and… At BigCityBeats, they support all genres.

World Club Dome (Winter Edition)

Abode On The Snow

January 6(6-13 Jan. 2024, Val Thorens, France)

Abode on The Snow 2024 marks its return to the illustrious Val Thorens Ski Resort, riding high on the wave of its prior year’s triumph and a series of sell-out events. This festival is a confluence of world-class house and techno talent, set against the majestic tableau of France’s snow-laden peaks, where high-energy sets meld with the thrill of the pistes for an unparalleled party experience.

Val Thorens, crowned with snow-capped splendour, is not just a backdrop but a dynamic participant in this symphony of beats crafted by Adobe’s exceptional lineup. It’s a harmonious blend of top-notch hospitality and adrenalizing music, providing an extraordinary week where the ecstasy of skiing meets the pulsating heart of house and techno. Beyond the slopes, Val Thorens unfurls a tapestry of adventure, from the rush of snowmobiling and the grace of dog sledge rides to the soar of paragliding. Abode on The Snow isn’t just a festival; it’s a celebration of music, sport, and spirit in one of the world’s most breathtaking alpine environments.

Abode On The Snow

Day Zero Festival – Tulum

January 12(12 Jan. 2024, Tulum, Mexico)

The Day Zero Festival experience hangs on the pillars of immersion and cultural connectivity, sharing space between the ancient world and modern mankind. From sunset to sunrise, each moment is woven within the fabric of the venue’s energy. This connection with surroundings and self is what has helped create the ideal environment for experiencing the world’s best electronic music.

The essential link with the natural world and local community has shepherded Day Zero’s commitment to fostering an environmental sustainability program that will ensure the event’s continued return to the ancient land. The Day Zero team is dedicated to this process and enlists industry professionals whose sole purpose is to leave the venue cleaner than they found it and free of dangerous pollutants.

The ongoing evolution of the event’s story is why Day Zero is revered as the epitome of modern rave, offering its global community a path towards transcendental awakening — wherever it may land.

Day Zero Festival - Tulum

The Friendship Festival

January 17(17 – 22 Jan. 2024, Miami, U.S.)

If you visit the official The Friendship website, you’ll see a countdown not ticking towards New Year, but a few days later: January 6, 2024, the day guests board The Friendship cruise ship in Miami. For five days straight, The Friendship Festival brings together anyone who enjoys jumping in front of a DJ console to alternating house, bass, Dubstep, DnB, disco, afro-house, Hip Hop, techno, and more. You’ll kick off the new year dancing from sunrise to sunset at sea and breaking your New Year’s resolutions in international waters.

This year’s music festival lineup sees Canadian electronic duo Bob Moses and UK-native house artist Chris Lorenzo taking over the DJ set on the cruise, while internationally renowned Skrillex will host a beachside set at Harvest Caye, Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island in Belize. The cruise makes its only stop there on the third day for a 24-hour exclusive beach party.

To spice things up, this year, the rave/electronic music fest/island party will host diva Dita Von Teese for a cabaret set, and skateboarders Aaron Homoki, known as Jaws, and David Loy, to help with some moves at the ship’s skate park. Yes, there’s a skate park. What else is on board? Pools and hot tubs that will help you get a great tan. The spa and salon, together with the jogging track, will give you the necessary energy boost to fight through your third and fourth hangovers. And, finally, the laser tag field on deck 20 and the joy speedway, a go-kart track facing the blue, on deck 19 — because why not?

The Friendship Festival


January 18(18 Jan. – 10 Feb. 2024, Montreal, Canada)

Every winter, Igloofest brings together thousands of music lovers to dance under the stars at Montreal’s Old Port.

With its icy decor set against steel structures, its striking architectural visuals, its program that draws the best local and international DJs, its surprising and playful Igloovillage, and its tacky snowsuit contest, Igloofest is one of the city’s hippest events and one of the country’s most popular winter destinations.

Without a doubt, Igloofest is where winter happens. For the 2024 edition, Igloofest is back with three weekends for a total of 12 icy nights, but oh so hot at the same time!

More than 15 years ago, they made a pact to celebrate in the dead of winter every year, and the kind of people that keep their word. So get ready because Igloofest 2024 is happening. Grab your vintage snow suits and your favorite Igloo beanie, because it is planning to make you dance to the best beats. It’s been already forecasted that Igloofest is going to be wild!

Igloofest’s 16th edition offers a rich lineup bringing together several of the most in-demand local and international artists on the global circuit, covering an even greater spectrum of the electronic music universe. Because a winter without Igloofest, just isn’t winter.



January 19(19- 20 Jan. 2024, San Fransisco, U.S.)

The well-known electronic dance music festival Wobbleland takes place yearly in the US. Since the event’s start in 2011, bass music fans have considered it to be a must-attend occasion. The festival is renowned for its stellar lineup of artists, cutting-edge sound systems, and breathtaking visual displays.

Wobbleland has long been a leader in the EDM field, featuring the top performers in all bass music subgenres, from dubstep to trap to future bass. With cutting-edge stage designs and lighting effects that produce a completely immersive audio-visual experience, the festival’s production values are unparalleled. Wobbleland draws a wide range of ardent music fans from all across the nation who are drawn together by their shared appreciation for avant-garde, cutting-edge electronic music.

The electronic music festival that fans have been eagerly anticipating, Wobbleland, is finally here. Salt Lake City in the US will become a center of pulsing beats and exciting melodies on January 19, 2024. Wobbleland aims to be a destination for music fans from all over the world with its distinctive sound and alluring environment.

With a stellar artist roster and an electrifying crowd, the most recent festival edition was a smashing success. People from all walks of life gathered at the festival to celebrate their love of electronic music, creating a fusion of cultures and music. The festival-goers’ dancing to the music brought out a palpable energy and infectious joy. It’s reasonable to say that anyone who enters Wobbleland will have a positive experience there.


Snowattack Ski, Snowboard and Music Festival

January 20(20- 27 Jan. 2024, Les Deux Alpes, France)

Snowattack Festival 2024 is an extraordinary fusion of adrenaline-pumping winter sports and pulsating electronic music. Set against the stunning backdrop of the French Alps, this week-long extravaganza attracts both winter sports enthusiasts and music lovers worldwide, offering an unforgettable experience where the thrill of the slopes meets the rhythms of electronic music.

Often referred to as “the ultimate winter music festival”, Snowattack Festival is renowned for its impressive lineup of the world’s leading house, EDM, and techno artists. The festival provides a platform where attendees can dance to their favorite DJs and discover emerging talents amidst the mesmerizing snowy landscapes.

But the beats are just part of the allure. At Snowattack Festival, you can hit the slopes by day, carve your way through pristine snow, and dance under the stars by night, moving to the rhythm of the music that shapes the electronic scene. Experience the exhilaration of Snowattack Festival 2024 – where the peaks meet the beats!

Snowattack Ski, Snowboard and Music Festival

The BPM Festival – Costa Rica

January 24(24- 28 Jan. 2024, Tamarindo, Costa Rica)

The BPM Festival is an annual electronic music festival held in Costa Rica. The acronym “BPM” originally stood for “Bartenders, Promoters, Musicians“, representing the diverse groups of people involved in the hospitality and music industries. However, over time, it became more commonly associated with “Beats Per Minute“, a term related to the music tempo.

The BPM Festival was known for bringing together renowned DJs, producers, and electronic music enthusiasts from around the world. It typically featured multiple stages with various genres of electronic dance music (EDM), including techno, house, trance, and more. The festival provided a platform for both established and emerging artists to showcase their talent.

The event wasn’t limited to just music; it often included beach and pool parties, workshops, and other entertainment activities. Costa Rica’s beautiful natural surroundings, such as beaches and tropical landscapes, added to the appeal of the festival.

It’s worth noting that event details and themes can change from year to year, so for the most current information, we recommend checking the official BPM Festival website or reliable sources for updates on the event’s status and any changes in its format or focus.

The BPM Festival - Costa Rica

Groove Cruise

January 24(24- 28 Jan. 2024, Miami, U.S.)

The Groove Cruise Festival is a unique annual music event that transforms the traditional music festival experience by taking it to the high seas. Set on a cruise ship, this electronic dance music (EDM) festival offers participants the excitement of top-tier DJ performances while sailing to different destinations. Onboard, attendees can enjoy music across various genres, including house, techno, and trance, with multiple stages and venues on the ship. The festival doesn’t stop at music alone; it features themed parties, interactive activities, and artist meet-and-greets throughout the cruise. With stops at different ports of call, participants have the opportunity to explore diverse destinations, take part in excursions, and immerse themselves in the local culture. Groove Cruise is a unique fusion of a music festival and a cruise vacation, creating an unforgettable experience for electronic music enthusiasts. Keep in mind that specific details and the lineup can vary each year, so it’s advisable to check the official Groove Cruise website for the latest information. You can’t run away from your life, but you can run away from winter for the weekend with this floating dance party. 2,000+ electronic fans mixing with 40+ artists and a couple of islands makes for one wild trip.

Groove Cruise

Ocaso | Underground Music Festival

jan24(24- 28 Jan. 2024, Guanacaste, Costa Rica)

Ocaso Festival is an annual electronic music celebration held in the picturesque coastal town of Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Translating to “sunset” in Spanish, Ocaso aims to create a unique and immersive experience for electronic music enthusiasts. The festival features a diverse lineup of renowned DJs and artists primarily representing techno and house music genres, offering a broad spectrum of musical experiences for attendees.

The scenic location of Tamarindo, situated on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, serves as a captivating backdrop for the festival. The tropical surroundings contribute to the overall ambiance, providing a distinctive setting that enhances the enjoyment of the music.

Ocaso Festival typically spans multiple venues, both indoor and outdoor. This diverse range of settings includes beach parties, poolside events, and performances in clubs or open-air spaces, allowing attendees to explore various atmospheres throughout the festival.

Beyond the musical offerings, Ocaso aims to provide a cultural experience for festival-goers. This may involve collaborations with local artists, workshops, and opportunities to engage with the natural beauty and attractions of the Costa Rican region, enriching the overall festival experience.

It’s essential to note that details and features of music festivals can evolve, and new editions of the Ocaso Festival may have occurred since our last update. For the latest and most accurate information about the Ocaso Festival, including lineup details, dates, and venue information, it is recommended to check the official Ocaso Festival website or contact the event organizers directly.

Ocaso | Underground Music Festival

Techno Music Festivals in January 2024: Conclusion

In summary, January 2024 promises to be an electrifying month for techno enthusiasts worldwide. With a plethora of techno music festivals in January 2024, fans will be spoilt for choice. From pulsating beats to mesmerizing light shows, each event offers a unique experience that resonates with the soul of techno music. Whether you’re a seasoned raver or new to the scene, this month guarantees unforgettable moments and rhythms that will stay with you long after the final beat drops. Dive into the world of techno and let the music guide your journey! Follow us here for more…

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