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Techno Festival Calendar: December 2023

It is about the end of the year. Let’s dive right back into the rhythm from where we left off; "Techno Festival Calendar: December 2023" is here!

Techno Festival Calendar: December 2023
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It is about the end of the year. Let’s dive right back into the rhythm from where we left off; “Techno Festival Calendar: December 2023” is here!

We are thrilled to present the December 2023 Techno Music Festival & Event Calendar – your exclusive guide to all the unmissable techno music gatherings scheduled this month. Below, you’ll find a meticulously compiled list of Techno Music Festivals and Events set to captivate fans and create waves throughout December 2023.

We have arranged the events chronologically, providing you with a streamlined view of the month’s highlights. Expect to find crucial details for each event that matters to you – from stellar lineups to ticket pricing and more. Should you wish to learn more about specific events or secure tickets, simply navigate to the link provided beneath each event listing. Let the beats guide you!

BULLSEYE! | California, The U.S.A (Dec. 8-9, 2023)

December 8

(8-9 Dec. 2023, California, The U.S.A)

Insomniac is gearing up for a brand new hard dance festival coming to Southern California this December. The inaugural edition of BULLSEYE!, a two-day festival from Insomniac’s hard dance brand Basscon, will bring “a whole new world of hard dance” to the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino, California from December 8-9, 2023.

Basscon has announced 26 different acts for BULLSEYE! thus far, including Darren StylesDionysusD-Sturb, a special “TOXIC” set from Adrenalize, and more. The lineup continues with killer back-to-backs like Atmozfears B2B Sound RushGammer B2B Yultron, and Kami vs. Death Code: Live. Though few additional details on the festival have been revealed, branding on social media indicates that BULLSEYE! will take on a wild-west theme as they look to “wrangle up the rookies” and show off hard dances to the masses.

Check out the full lineup in the image below. Two-day general admission and VIP tickets to Basscon’s BULLSEYE! went on sale on Thursday, October 5th 2023 at 12PM PT.

BULLSEYE! Festival | California, The U.S.A (Dec. 8-9, 2023)

Rave On Snow | Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria (Dec. 14-17, 2023)

December 14

(14-17 Dec. 2023, Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria)

Rave on Snow is an Austrian snow sports and electronic music festival, held in the famous Austrian resort of Saalbach Hinterglemm each December, home of the festival for more than two decades.

Rave On Snow stands for the unique combination of breathtaking scenery, winter sports, and rich bass. On a total of 14 floors, there will be open air & indoor celebrations on 3 days & nights in Saalbach Hinterglemm to the music of over 70 DJs.

Now almost 25 years old, the festival has become one of Europe’s most popular winter parties, hosting some of house and techno’s finest names.

Rave On Snow | Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria (Dec. 14-17, 2023)

Adriatique Present X | Zurich, Switzerland (Dec. 16, 2023)

December 16

(16 Dec. 2023, Zurich, Switzerland)

X – The echo of our origins. It’s been almost a year since the inaugural X event made its unforgettable debut. After a globe-trotting adventure, X, founded by the Duo Adriatique, is coming back to Zurich to once again illuminate the magnificent Halle 622.

The first X was a seismic event, leaving an indelible mark on the electronic music scene. With its electrifying atmosphere, it transcended boundaries, uniting partygoers from all corners of the world. Now, after a year, the stage is set for its triumphant return.

Adriatique and like-minded artists have been on a remarkable journey with X around the globe. Their musical odyssey has taken them to far-flung destinations, sharing their unique sound with fans worldwide. But they’ve never forgotten their roots, and Zurich holds a special place in their hearts. It’s where their musical journey began, and it’s where they’re returning to reignite the dancefloor.

Adriatique Present X | Zurich, Switzerland (Dec. 16, 2023)

Burning Beach Festival | Bali, Indonesia (Dec. 22-23, 2023)

December 22

(22-23 Dec. 2023, Bali, Indonesia)

Burning Beach Festival emerged from humble beginnings as rave parties in Lombok back in 2018. It has since evolved into the ultimate 2-day extravaganza celebrating house and techno music, featuring globally acclaimed international DJs. The inaugural edition took place on December 16-17, 2022, at Canna Beach Club, Bali, and boasted an impressive lineup including luminaries like Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Anja Schneider, and Richy Ahmed, among many others.

In 2023, they’ve chosen Mari Beach Club in Canggu, one of Bali’s most vibrant locales, as their festival’s new home. The second edition proudly introduces sensational artists like DJ Sven Vath from Germany, an iconic and influential figure in the world of electronic music, and Deborah de Luca from Italy, a true trailblazer of techno. Stay tuned as they unveil more incredible talent.

From melodic techno to heart-pounding beats, envision an electrifying dance floor experience, with the sun setting and the night sky aglow, all while cooled by the gentle ocean breeze.

Burning Beach Festival | Bali, Indonesia (Dec. 22-23, 2023)

Labryinto Festival | Guanacaste, Costa Rica (Dec. 27 2023 – Jan. 2, 2024)


(27 Dec. – 2 Jan. 2024, Guanacaste, Costa Rica)

Labryinto was born from a shared passion for art, music, and the power of unique experiences. What began in the heart of New York evolved into a global adventure, taking us to magical corners of the world. But it was in Costa Rica that we found our home. The beauty of this land, its vibrant people, and the harmony of nature had a huge impact in our lives. We were so moved that we decided to make Costa Rica the permanent home for our festival.

Nestled on the majestic North Pacific coast of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, our festival is a celebration of the purest connection to nature. Here, where the jungle meets the ocean, you’ll be immersed in Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity, surrounded by lush greenery and the rhythmic waves of the Pacific. Whether you’re riding the waves, finding serenity in yoga, savoring the delicious local cuisine, or embarking on thrilling adventures, this is a place where the absence of an army mirrors the peace and harmony of the land. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Costa Rica, where nature and creativity unite.

Labryinto Festival | Guanacaste, Costa Rica (Dec. 27 2023 - Jan. 2, 2024)

Universo Paralello Festival | Pratigi, Brazil (Dec. 27 2023 – Jan. 3, 2024)

December 27(27 Dec. – 3 Jan. 2024, Pratigi, Brazil)

The Universo Paralello Festival (roughly translated to Parallel Universe Festival) is the heart and soul of the Brazilian psytrance community, which lasts for nine full days of non-stop music. It’s also one of the most international festivals in the country and one of the largest alternative culture festivals in South America.

Universo Paralello happens every two years, right on the height of Brazilian summer (usually starts a few days before New Year’s Eve and ends in the following year), in the most perfect location for the effect – the stunning Praia de Pratigi, a hidden oasis on the Southern beaches of Bahia.

The festival doesn’t just focus on psytrance music; in fact, it features a huge variety of musical styles, ranging from electronic and dance music to other distinct genres, like reggae or rap. Universo Paralello has seven different areas and six different stages.

There’s a huge amount of other activities going on during those 9 magical days, such as slackline, yoga classes, juggling, drug awareness, healing spaces and therapies, cinema, theater, art exhibitions, performances, workshops, talks, and so much more.

Universo Paralello Festival | Pratigi, Brazil (Dec. 27 2023 - Jan. 3, 2024)

Awakenings New Years | Amsterdam, Netherlands (Dec. 28-31, 2023)

December 28(28 – 31 Dec. 2023, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Awakenings New Years will celebrate New Year’s Eve and the days before at Amsterdam’s stunning Gashouder. The event will start on Thursday, 28 December by Night, and the party will continue the next day by Night and on 30 December by Day. For the Big night on New Year’s Eve, celebrations will be huge. Lineups are to be announced on 10 October, and tickets go on sale on 11 October 2023.

Awakenings New Year's Eve | Amsterdam, Netherlands (Dec. 28-31, 2023)

FCKNYE Festival | Brussels, Belgium (Dec. 30-31, 2023)

December 30(30 – 31 Dec. 2023, Brussels, Belgium)

FCKNYE Festival is a hardcore techno festival celebrating New Year’s Eve in Brussels. In 2023 the festival added an extra night on Saturday, 30 December 2023. FCKNYE takes place in the capital’s massive Palais 12 in Heysel Exhibition Park, one of the biggest venues in Belgium.

The event has firmly established itself as one of the country’s biggest events to welcome in the new year. Expect face-melting EDM, techno, hard-styles, drum’n’bass and more to push you into 2024 with force.

FCKNYE Festival | Brussels, Belgium (Dec. 30-31, 2023)

Verknipt NYE Specials | Eindhoven, Netherlands (Dec. 30-31, 2023)

December 30(30 – 31 Dec. 2023, Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Verknipt host their New Year’s Eve party this December in Klokgebouw Eindhoven. As with all Verknipt events, this end of year celebration will showcase the finest underground electronic music, with the hardest artists out there, that will provide an extra special Verknipt show to end the year on a high note.

One of The Netherlands’ most prolific promoters, Verknipt has been pushing the Dutch party scene forward since 2012, promoting local and up-and-coming talent in the process. Over the past years, the organization has shown its face all over the country, conquering the hearts of fans all over the Netherlands.

What you can expect? Several areas with quality music, a big raw warehouse, and a lot of fireworks in combination with the BIGGEST laser show!

Verknipt NYE Specials | Eindhoven, Netherlands (Dec. 30-31, 2023)

Free Your Mind NYE | Amsterdam, Netherlands (Dec. 31, 2023)

December 31(31 Dec. 2023, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Free Your Mind NYE Amsterdam masterfully orchestrates a symphony of pulsating techno beats, inviting revelers into a world where the music and the moment converge into an unparalleled celebration. As the clock ticks closer to welcoming 2024, on December 31st, Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam transforms into a haven where 12,000 techno enthusiasts immerse themselves in an auditory experience that transcends the typical New Year’s Eve fare.

The auditory journey, sculpted by a stellar lineup, guarantees to satiate the appetites of even the most discerning techno aficionado. The decks will resonate with the electrifying beats of notable artists like Dax J, DYEN, Fatima Hajji, Klangkuenstler, Kobosil, and the synergistic B2B set from Paula Temple and SNTS, among others. These maestros of techno will weave a tapestry of beats, ensuring the night etches itself into the memories of every attendee.

Seizing a ticket to this musical utopia demands swift action. Prospective attendees must pre-register before October 8th, 2023, with a pre-registration ticket sale unfurling on October 9th, 2023, at 5:00 PM. For those who miss the initial rush, a regular ticket sale commences on October 11th, 2023. Be poised to secure your gateway into a New Year’s Eve saturated with relentless beats, unforgettable memories, and a collective spirit that only Free Your Mind NYE Amsterdam can provide, rendering it an indelible start to 2024.

december festival calendar free your mind amsterdam lineup

Free Your Mind NYE Rotterdam | Rotterdam, Netherlands (Dec. 31, 2023)

December 31(31 Dec. 2023, Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Free Your Mind NYE Rotterdam transforms the illustrious Ahoy Rotterdam into an electrifying realm where the beats of techno music pulse through the air, captivating thousands in a symphony of lights, sound, and celebration. On the cusp of the new year, the city will embrace a night where spectacle and sound collide, offering an immersive techno journey helmed by some of the industry’s foremost artists.

The auditory landscape will flourish under the skilled hands of artists like Amelie Lens, Dax J, I Hate Models, and Paula Temple, who, along with others, will weave a tapestry of techno beats to usher attendees into 2024. This collaboration with Rave Rebels isn’t merely a night of music and revelry; it is a synthesis of vibrant energies, a collective spirit immersing itself into a world where every beat promises the nights to come.

Securing a spot at this techno-utopia requires swift action; pre-registration is imperative and available until October 8th, 2023, with the official ticket sale commencing on October 9th, 2023, at 5:00 PM. With the anticipation bubbling among the techno community, tickets are expected to vanish quickly, making early acquisition paramount. Free Your Mind promises not just a New Year’s celebration but a transcendent experience where the heartbeats of every attendee sync with the unyielding rhythms of techno, propelling them into a new year of possibilities, stories, and endless nights of freedom.

Free Your Mind NYE Rotterdam | Rotterdam, Netherlands (Dec. 31, 2023)

Techno Music Festivals in December 2023: Conclusion

In summary, December 2023 promises to be an electrifying month for techno enthusiasts worldwide. With a plethora of techno music festivals in December 2023, fans will be spoilt for choice. From pulsating beats to mesmerizing light shows, each event offers a unique experience that resonates with the soul of techno music. Whether you’re a seasoned raver or new to the scene, this month guarantees unforgettable moments and rhythms that will stay with you long after the final beat drops. Dive into the world of techno and let the music guide your journey! Follow us here for more…

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