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Techno Festival Calendar: April 2024

Dive into April 2024's techno beats with our ultimate Techno Music Festival & Event Calendar. Unmissable lineups and more await!

Techno Festival Calendar: April 2024
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Let’s move on for the spring, techno-heads! Now dive right back into the rhythm from where we left off; “Techno Festival Calendar: April 2024” is here!

We are thrilled to present the April 2024 Techno Music Festival & Event Calendar – your exclusive guide to all the unmissable techno music gatherings scheduled this month. Below, you’ll find a meticulously compiled list of Techno Music Festivals and Events set to captivate fans and create waves throughout April 2024.

We have arranged the events chronologically, providing you with a streamlined view of the month’s highlights. Expect to find crucial details for each event that matters to you – from stellar lineups to ticket pricing and more. Should you wish to learn more about specific events or secure tickets, simply navigate to the link provided beneath each event listing. Let the beats guide you!

Time Warp Festival

(5 – 6 Apr. 2024, Mannheim, Germany)

April 5

Time Warp Festival, a major festival for techno and house music, is celebrating its 30th year with a special two-day event on April 5th and 6th in Mannheim, Germany. This year, they’re offering a 30-hour music marathon to mark the occasion. The party starts for 11 hours across three different areas on Friday and continues for 19 hours in six areas on Saturday.

The festival takes place in the large Maimarkthalle venue, where each area is designed to give attendees a different experience. It features a mix of top and emerging names in the music scene. Time Warp is known for its innovative lineups and reputation for bringing together well-known artists.

The festival offers more than just music; it’s a full experience with art displays, interactive activities, and a variety of food and drink options. Time Warp is a must-visit for fans of electronic music worldwide, offering an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of the genre.

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Time Warp Festival (Germany) - April 2024 - Lineup & Dates

Terminal V Festival

(13 – 14 Apr. 2024, Edinburgh, U.K.)

April 13

In 2024, the Terminal V Festival is coming back for a two-day bash at the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh. This event will bring together top artists in house and techno music, filling the massive space with great tunes. Fans from across the UK and even further away flock to this event to enjoy top-notch techno and underground house music. The venue, Royal Highland Centre, is a big place in Edinburgh that hosts both indoor and outdoor events.

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Terminal V Festival (UK) - April 2024 - Lineup & Dates

Unts Unts Unts Festival

(19 – 20 Apr. 2024, Puebla, Mexico)

April 19

The Unts Unts Unts Festival in 2024 is set to be an exciting event happening in Cholula. It’s all about bringing people together to enjoy the power of music and the happy feelings it brings.

The festival will feature a mix of music styles from well-known artists like Ikonika, Objekt, Ursula Prawn, and Jessy Lanza. It’s going to be a fun two-day event at a really nice venue in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, happening on the 19th and 20th of April.

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Unts Unts Unts Festival (Mexico) - April 2024 - Lineup & Tickets

Gop Tun Festival

(20 – 21 Apr. 2024, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

April 20

The Gop Tun Festival is coming back in 2024, and it’s looking better than ever. This festival is known for its great mix of returning artists like Octo Octa and Eris Drew and some fresh faces such as Palms Trax and Helena Hauff. It celebrates music, movement, and space in a deeply moving way.

Set in a vibrant city ready to embrace the energy of both the past and future, this year’s Gop Tun Festival is all about unique connections and the electric buzz of dance. A year after their last gathering, they’re back in São Paulo, drawing inspiration from the city’s diverse culture. The festival will showcase a variety of timeless music trends from local and international artists, staying true to their original vision.

This third edition is special because it manages to be both enduring and fleeting, with the whole year leading up to this one day of celebration. Mark your calendars for April 20th, 2024, when they’ll have four stages of top-notch music curation, promising one of the best gatherings of the year.

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Gop Tun Festival (Brazil) - April 2024 - Lineup & Events

Free Your Mind Festival (Kingsday)

(26 – 27 Apr. 2024, Bosschenhoofd, Netherlands)

April 26

Free Your Mind Festival (Kingsday) 2024 is shaping up to be an extraordinary way to celebrate the king’s birthday at Breda Airport. The organizers are planning the biggest techno stage ever, making it a milestone event for electronic music fans.

The festival is ready to welcome more than 70,000 people over two days, making it the ultimate Kingsday party in the Netherlands. And it’s not just about the music; there’s also a special campsite for the weekend, letting everyone dive deep into the party spirit.

So, get ready to honor the king’s birthday with booming techno beats and the lively spirit of a community coming together. Free Your Mind Festival (Kingsday) 2024 isn’t just a festival; it’s a movement that brings people together to enjoy music, friendship, and a grand celebration.

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Free Your Mind Festival (Kingsday) (Netherlands) - April 2024 - Lineup & Events

Kingsland Festival (Amsterdam)

(27 Apr. 2024, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

April 27

Kingsland Festival Amsterdam is part of a big electronic music celebration that happens in many places in the Netherlands on April 27th, 2024. This day is special because it’s the birthday of King Willem-Alexander. Last year, the festival expanded and had five big parties all over the country with famous DJs playing great music.

Everyone at the festival wears orange and gets excited for the loud music and the impressive stage setups. The event is held at Amsterdam RAI, which is a big place that can hold about 13,000 people and has both indoor and outdoor areas.

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Kingsland Festival (Amsterdam) - April 2024 - Lineup & Events

Kingsland Festival (Rotterdam)

(27 Apr. 2024, Rotterdam, Netherlands)

April 27

On April 27th, 2024, Kingsland Festival Rotterdam becomes part of the city’s celebration of Kingsday, honoring King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. The country is alive with excitement, and everyone is dressed in orange.

Kingsland offers four big electronic music festivals across the nation, with world-renowned DJs. Put on your craziest orange clothes and join the crowd at Sportpark Woudestein for a day filled with amazing music, stunning visual shows, and a fantastic party atmosphere. The Rotterdam’s Kingsland Festival runs from midday until 11 pm.

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Kingsland Festival (Rotterdam) - April 2024 - Lineup & Events

Loveland Van Oranje Festival (Kingsday)

(27 Apr. 2024, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

April 27

Loveland Van Oranje Festival will mix King’s Day fun with Amsterdam’s lively music scene on April 27, 2024. This festival will shine bright in the city’s King’s birthday celebrations, adding a musical touch.

As the city turns orange, Loveland offers a happy place for music fans. With a well-chosen lineup of electronic music stars, the festival is known for its great tunes and happy vibe. It’s not just about the music; it’s about feeling proud and united through dance.

What makes the festival special is how it blends Amsterdam’s old beauty, the sea of orange people, and music that brings everyone together. Loveland Van Oranje Festival stands for the city’s love of partying together.

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FLoveland Van Oranje Festival (Kingsday) (Netherlands) - April 2024 - Lineup & Events

MAYDAY Festival

(30 Apr. 2024, Dortmund, Germany)

April 30

MAYDAY stands out as a leading dance music festival in Europe. Since its inception in 1991, it has been celebrated for its lavish and unrestrained parties. Initially at the forefront of techno music in central Europe, the festival has since broadened its musical horizons to include a diverse range of genres, including hardstyle, house, trance, and EDM.

The renowned Westfalenhallen in Dortmund has hosted performances by famous DJs such as Tiësto, Sven Väth, Chris Liebing, and others in recent years. Enhanced by dynamic audiovisual displays, the festival’s vibrant atmosphere consistently captivates attendees, making it a yearly pilgrimage for dance music enthusiasts in Germany.

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MAYDAY Festival (Dortmund, Germany) - Factory - April 2024 - Lineup & Date

MAYDAY Festival (Dortmund, Germany) - Arena - April 2024 - Lineup & Date

Techno Music Festivals & Events in April 2024: Conclusion

In summary, April 2024 promises to be an electrifying month for techno enthusiasts worldwide. With the extreme excitement of techno music festivals and events in April 2024, fans will be spoilt for choice. From electrifying beats to glorified light shows, each event offers a unique experience that resonates with the soul of techno music.

Whether you’re a seasoned raver or new to the scene, this month guarantees unforgettable moments and rhythms that will stay with you long after the final beat drops. Dive into the world of techno and let the music guide your journey! Follow us here for more…

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