Techno Festival Calendar: November

Here is the November special series of the techno music events calendar, which is regularly created every month.

Chronologically, we compile the events that attract attention and expected throughout the month for fans and share the significant notifications with the public, such as line-ups, ticket fees etc. For more, please follow our website and stay abreast of the news. To get information about the events or to buy tickets, please click on the event title.

(For your information; some events specific to the Halloween parties celebrated at the end of October have also been added to the calendar)

Brunch Electronik Weekender

(30 Oct – 1 Nov, Carlos Lopes Pavillion, Lisboa, Portugal)

The special Halloween night with iconic names such as Nina Kraviz and Amelie Lens returns with ‘Brunchers’ after 2 long years.


(31 Oct – 1 Nov, Super Bock Arena, Porto, Portugal)

Neopop, the leading festival organizer of Portugal and the coastline, is getting ready for a special night, Halloween this time. Furthermore, Solomun, Kraviz and many more have taken their places.

Lights All Night Mexico 2021

(4 Nov – 7 Nov, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

Ready to party for New Year’s Eve and hit the beaches in November? Mexico’s northwest coast awaits you for 4 days of lights all nights.

Wonderland Festival

(6 Nov, Taets Art Park, Zaandam, Netherlands)

The Wonderland Festival, which has undergone a change of venue and time due to restrictions, but still awaited with great excitement by the fans, is waiting for its audience with its excitement that will last all day long. To join Alice’s adventure in Wonderland, keep in mind that tickets for this big festival can be sold out quickly, hurry up!

Mayday Poland 2021

(10 Nov, Spodek Arena, Katowice, Poland)

The most sensational names of techno music meet on 3 different stages in the eastern block of Europe to convey the past, present and future to the audience in a stunning way.

Electric Zoo Adventures Cancun 2021

(10 Nov – 14 Nov, Grand Oasis, Cancun, Mexico)

Those who want to experience the last sunny parties of the year set off to Mexico for 4 days of exotic adventures. At the destination, surprise names of dance music will greet them.

Pioneer DJ Alpha 2021

(13 Nov, Kulturwerft Gollan, Lübeck, Germany)

Electronic and techno music come together at Kulturwerft, the building witnessed by history, with this great event celebrating its 25th anniversary. Those who want to witness this divine coincidence can take a look at the event. There is a surprise name coming in the Final Chapter and this person will not be announced.

Time Warp USA 2021

(19 Nov – 20 Nov, Brooklyn, New York, USA)

This great event is meeting with its audience after a 2-year break. Excellent names await their audience in their new venue, Brooklyn, at the big event that will last for 2 days! All eyes will likely be on this stage on Saturday night.

Polaris Festival 2021

(26 Nov – 4 Dec, Le Chalet D’Adrien,Verbier, Switzerland)

Of course, the winter season begins in the Swiss Alps, Europe’s hump. An enjoyable experience, great DJ staff and, of course, skiing moments await you in this huge organization spanning two weekends.

Apokalypsa: To the Moon and Back

(26 Nov – 27 Nov, Zoner BOBYHALL, Brno, Czech Republic)

Apokalypsa, one of the longest-running themed events of techno music, is in front of the fans this time with its interstellar idea. With a minimalist approach and humble DJ line-up, the festival is closing the month of November of techno.