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Top 5 Techno Clubs in Russia

Explore Russia's vibrant techno scene with our guide to the best clubs. Immerse in pulsating beats and unique vibes for an unforgettable journey.

Top 5 Techno Clubs in Russia
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  • PublishedJanuary 24, 2024
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Dive into Russia’s top techno clubs! Explore pulsating beats and vibrant scenes with our guide to the best techno spots in Russia. Get into the exciting music and lively vibes at these cool places, guaranteeing an unforgettable trip through Russia’s electronic music scene. Here are some of the best techno clubs in Russia.


GazgolderGazgolder, a Moscow nightlife icon for over a decade, resides in the former Arma factory, boasting an inviting ambiance of orange brick and stained glass. Originally located in a gas holder, the venue moved in 2015 to a historic building on the former gasworks site, retaining its 19th-century charm with exposed brickwork and grand arch windows.

This techno and house music haven features European-level imports, with stellar performances by artists like Ellen Allien. Even on busy nights, the wait is short, and the bar queues are inconspicuous. With two dance floors, including a lively summer garden, Gazgolder offers a dynamic experience.

Altyn, a regular, praises Gazgolder for its techno beats and tight-knit community. Hosting international DJs such as Ben Klock and Adriatique, Gazgolder remains Moscow’s go-to destination for a vibrant nightlife experience in a historically rich setting.

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Gazgolder (Moscow, Russia)



Experience the industrial allure of Aglomerat, a warehouse-style venue just inside Moscow’s third ring road. With a 1000-person capacity, its expansive stage and impressive laser display set the scene for unforgettable nights. The raw, bare concrete surroundings, once part of the Mars factory, evoke a dystopian film atmosphere.

Initially hosting one-off events, Aglomerat has transformed into a dynamic space featuring evenings with DJs from Russia and abroad, accompanied by occasional live concerts. Dive into the eclectic sounds and underground vibes of Aglomerat, where hard techno reigns on weekends, showcasing performances by legends like DJ Stingray, who graced DJ Mag’s October cover last year.

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GIPSYNestled at the juncture where the Moskva River gracefully splits, Gipsy stands as a revered institution in Moscow’s nightlife. This multi-layered club has etched its name among the city’s premier venues, boasting a large main stage that has hosted luminaries in dance music, including Armin Van Buuren, Nicky Romero, and Zedd.

Gipsy‘s allure lies not only in its stellar lineup but also in its distinctive shanty-town design, creating a unique and immersive atmosphere for partygoers. To further enhance the experience, the club features a retractable roof, allowing revelers to dance beneath the stars during the summer months. This versatile space, with its captivating design and top-tier musical offerings, unquestionably deserves the attention of those seeking an unforgettable night out in Moscow

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RodnyaLocated in the Artplay art cluster, Rodnya Club, nestled in a former industrial zone, offers a unique blend of techno and tech-house. With a rooftop terrace providing an audiovisual feast and a focus on minimal techno, it stands as a hidden gem in Moscow’s underground dance culture.

The club’s summer events showcase renowned DJs, and advance online ticket purchases, including early bird options, are available. Whether you’re into techno or tech-house, Rodnya promises an unforgettable experience in the heart of the creative Artplay community.

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PropagandaPropaganda, a steadfast presence in Moscow’s nightlife since 1997, stands resilient amidst the city’s club closures. Nestled in the heart of Moscow, this iconic venue exudes a low-lit ambiance and a welcoming atmosphere. Every Thursday night, the renowned resident DJ, Sergey Sanchez, curates an essential weekly ritual for deep house enthusiasts.

In the purest sense of fun, Propaganda defies Moscow’s typical appearance standards, allowing patrons to dance freely without worrying about their attire. The club’s open-door policy emphasizes a carefree atmosphere — whether you prefer Converse, high heels, or even pajamas, nobody minds. With no entrance fee and affordable mojitos at just 300 rubles ($4.7), Propaganda distinguishes itself as one of Moscow’s oldest and most inclusive nightclubs. For aficionados of deep melodic techno, Chetvergi Sancheza on Thursday nights caters to your musical cravings, while Fridays and Saturdays pulsate with thumping techno, extending into the early morning hours

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Conclusion: Best Techno Clubs in Russia

In conclusion, Russia’s dynamic electronic music scene boasts an array of top-notch techno clubs that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. From the iconic ARMA17 in Moscow, with its warehouse-style vibe and impressive laser displays, to the hidden gem Rodnya, nestled in the creative Artplay community, each venue offers a unique and immersive experience.

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Propaganda, a constant in Moscow’s nightlife since 1997, stands out for its low-lit ambiance and inclusive atmosphere, providing a haven for deep house enthusiasts. Whether you’re drawn to the cutting-edge sounds of Gazgolder or the minimal techno paradise of Rodnya, Russia’s techno landscape continues to thrive, offering unforgettable moments for electronic music aficionados.

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