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Best Nightclubs in Chicago

For those who want to spend the night immersed in the rhythm of techno, these nightclubs have become indispensable points in Chicago's nightlife.

Best Nightclubs in Chicago
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  • PublishedDecember 2, 2023
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Hey Chicagoans, are you ready for a brand new year of music, jamming, live DJs, and late-night dance parties in 2024 and beyond?

Chicago, renowned for its dynamic and energetic music scene, stands out as a city that truly embraces techno music. Especially for enthusiasts of techno beats, some of the city’s famous techno clubs provide ideal venues for those seeking to dance at the peak of nightlife. So, let’s take a peek at the best nightclubs in Chicago, USA.


Smartbar | Chicago, USA

A true icon in Chicago’s music scene, Smartbar stands out as one of the essential venues for techno music. With a high-quality sound system and outstanding DJ performances, Smartbar is a haven for dance music aficionados. Happy to host DJs of different genres, Smartbar offered its guests a unique house music experience with Kryptogram in May 2022.

Kryptogram is an electronic artist and DJ recognized for his fresh approach to deep, jazzy-house, and garage music. Initially inspired by Serbian music, Kryptogram developed his interest in house music years later after being introduced to experienced names such as Daft Punk, Junior Jack, and Todd Edwards. You can find Kryptogram’s Smartbar performance below. Enjoy!

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Spybar | Chicago, USA

Known for its mysterious atmosphere and performances by renowned DJs, Spybar holds a significant position in Chicago’s nightlife. An ideal choice for those who want to listen to the latest and most striking representatives of techno music. Located at 646 N Franklin St, Chicago, IL 60654, stands out as a dynamic venue contributing to the nightlife scene of Chicago. Here are more details about Spybar:

Situated in the River North area, Spybar is close to the city center, making it easily accessible. The nightclub attracts attention with its modern design and sophisticated atmosphere. A spacious dance floor and various seating areas provide visitors with a comfortable environment. Spybar typically focuses on electronic dance music (EDM) and house music genres. It hosts an event program filled with performances by international and local DJs. The quality of music is supported by the venue’s sound systems, creating an atmosphere conducive to dancing. The entry fee may vary depending on events and hours.

As weekends are usually more crowded, making reservations in advance is recommended. The dress code can be somewhat strict, so paying attention to comfortable yet stylish attire is important. Spybar hosts special events and themed parties. Parties organized especially for holidays and special occasions provide visitors with a different experience.

Opening and closing hours can vary based on events. On weekends, the nightclub is typically open until late hours. Checking the official website or social media accounts for the current schedule and hours is advisable. Spybar has secured a solid place in Chicago’s nightlife scene as a modern venue providing an energetic nightlife experience.

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TAO Bistro & Nightclub

TAO Bistro & Nightclub | Chicago, USA

TAO Chicago stands as a luxurious fusion of a restaurant and nightclub, offering upscale Asian cuisine during the early evenings. Ascend to the 2nd floor on Friday and Saturday nights to immerse yourself in one of Chicago’s most glamorous club scenes. The venue boasts a 10-ft Japanese bell adorned with a disco ball, sophisticated decor, and Asian-inspired murals, providing a modern twist to this River North landmark.

Renowned DJs take center stage, often attracting exclusive guests, including celebrities. Be prepared for a considerable wait at the entrance without VIP reservations, coupled with a substantial cover charge for admission. Dazzling dancers don eccentric costumes, complemented by pulsating soundtracks that invigorate the party atmosphere. For those seeking respite from the crowds, a relaxed lounge and private booths offer a change of pace.

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Sound-Bar | Chicago, USA

For those who want to feel the energy of techno music throughout the night, Sound-Bar is a noteworthy option. With its expansive dance area and DJ sets that bring together various music genres, it adds an unforgettable experience to the night.

The venue itself describes the place as follows:

Sound-Bar is the hottest, upscale nightclub that revolutionizes Chicago nightlife by boasting style, luxury and state-of-the-art technology. Showcasing 20,000 square feet of pure bliss, a European minimalist decor, along with flat screen monitors, laser lights and new sound components. And the event calendar is like no other, featuring the world’s top DJ talent all year long!

Sound-Bar is also the ideal location for any private function or public gathering. 4,000 square foot dance floor, 9 bars, 4 boutique lounges on 2 levels, and an exclusive VIP Room! Each unique area can be rented out individually as well. Complete with floor-to-ceiling video projection walls that enable our clients to project audio-visual presentations throughout the nightclub.

If you are in Chicago, you definitely need to be here!

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Primary Nightclub

Primary Nightclub | Chicago, USA

Standing out with its modern and contemporary atmosphere, Primary is one of the favored venues in Chicago’s techno scene. It offers a diverse experience with different DJ performances and caters to every taste.

Primary Nightclub is an underground club located below ground level. The club boasts a spectacular VOID sound system, recognized as the best in Chicago. Events feature performances by national and international DJs such as Derek Specs, Gene Farris, Sharam, Cocodrills, Juliet Fox, Crystal Castles, Phil Rizzo, Blu9, My Digital Enemy, Patrick Topping, and many others. Primary Nightclub typically plays various music genres, including EDM, dubstep, hip-hop, disco, house, and Latin.

As a boutique-style club, Primary can accommodate up to 250 guests. There are two large bars where you can order various drinks. With features like a large LED wall and a smoke machine, it’s a fantastic venue for dancing until the morning.

Primary Nightclub does not have a dress code. Currently, the nightclub is open on Tuesday-Friday and Sunday from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM, and on Saturdays from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. However, these hours may vary depending on events and programs, so be sure to check the official website before heading there.

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Conclusion: Top Nightclubs in Chicago, USA

These clubs are where the heart of techno music beats in Chicago. However, each one stands out with its unique atmosphere and music style. For those who want to spend the night immersed in the rhythm of music, these clubs have become indispensable points in Chicago’s nightlife. Click the link to read more about techno clubs around the globe.

Stay Techno!

Do you have any experience with these nightclubs in Chicago? Is there anything we have missed or should add? Let us know in the comment section below!

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