SMX Festival 2023

SXM Festival is known as one of the best underground electronic music festivals in the world with its unique and glamourous set up.

Embark on an adventure with beaches famous for their naturality, luxury buildings and wild parties. Get ready to have fun until sunrise with thousands of people from all over the world who want to be a part of this excitement.


The SXM Festival returns to the stage once again on March 8-12, with an unprecedented fury and great expectancy. This experience is one of a kind that one cannot find anywhere else in the world; the whole island is used only for this festival for a specific time of a period.

SXM is truly a party in paradise. It is a coming together of world class international DJs to a stunning location on the gorgeous Caribbean island of Saint Martin | Sint Maarten which offers a range of bespoke and boutique places to dance from under the sun on the beach to private VIP villa parties, high up on the mountainside at the Panorama Stage to boat parties.


Get ready for a whole week for an epic electronic music set in stylish, flamboyant, and often surreal locations around this nympheric island. In addition to partying on the boats, you will enjoy the whole nature on the golden beaches and luxury mansions, sip your drinks with the boho parties, and blow your mind with many activities and cultural events.

Never limit yourself. Because here, every day will be unique and you will get once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


The energy is truly special across the five days and five nights with so much to explore and so many unique memories to make, all with beats from the likes of GordoSonya MoonearMarco CarolaDubfireRareshBlack CoffeeAMÉMÉApollonia, amongst many more.


Feeling unique and impressive since its existence, SXM Festival has become like a popular assembly area for fans in a very short time. For 5 days and 5 nights in the most fascinating place of the world, you are expected to SXM Festival for the best moments you can spend with the world’s best underground music artists and producers, together with the world’s best ensemble.

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