Metamorphism of Consumer Habits in the Entertainment Industry in the Age of Coronavirus

Whereas the world tries to overcome the traumas of coronavirus, the entertainment industry keep it going to become one of the sectors that is most affected by means of changing life habits and social isolation.

The associated reports of Billboard and Nielsen Music that is published fortnightly, casts light on these changing consumer habits. In the report released today, 5 important points stand out along with the research made with 1010 people on the 10th of April.

There are 5 basic points that entertainment industry should keep in in mind while planning their future:

  • Keep Making New Music

Though some musicians may delay for releasing their new music until they go on tour, the findings suggest that they should reconsider their decisions. According to the research, 53% of the participants concluded that they listen to the new music of an artist that they know, and 43% say they begin to listen and follow the artist that they have never heard about.

  • Whether you are an employer or not, consumers’ subscription demand upon entertainment platforms keep increasing.

According to the latest report, the number of people who bought a new sucbscription service about entertainment industry are more than who canceled. 23% of the participants reported that they canceled one of their subscription about entertainment platforms in the previous weeks, while 27% subscribed in this process. At the same time, 78% of the new subscribers indicates that they will probably extend their subscriptions after the pandemic.

  • The view of music videos are rising without losing momentum. So produce music videos even with stock footage.

The music video format is witnessing a great increase thanks to the devices that people can use to watch while in the pandemic. Viewings of music videos increased 10% compared to the period between 21st of February and 12th of March.

Although audio streaming platforms witnessed decrease in the first weeks of pandemic, this decline turned into an increase of 3,5% according to the latest report.

  • Country, Children’s Music and Classical Music became the leading categories.

On one hand, it is observed a decrease in all kinds of categories except from Country, Children’s and Classical Music, those other categories also have reached to their same level before pandemic period with the latest report. There is an increase in the categories that are listened at home, especially with the reason of children’s spending more time at their home.

  • Although people want to get back to physical acitivities, the health concerns still exist.

It is true that people want to leave their home and go to music venues, but health concerns still remain. 61% of the participants want to access easily to hand sanitizer in the venues. While 51% of the participants primarily prefer to join on outdoor activities, 50% declares that they won’t participate any activities that don’t follow the social distance rules. Along with those results, if the place has a seating plan, 44% says they desire to have an arranged seats proper to rules, and 35% want to measure the body temperature of the visitors before taken into the place.