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Interview With Gordo

Dive into the world of Gordo, as we explore his journey from Carnage to a global music sensation, his inspirations, and future ambitions in techno.

Interview With Gordo
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  • PublishedApril 6, 2024
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Welcome to Techno Airlines, where we soar high with the beats of techno and house music. Today, we present an exclusive Q&A interview with an artist who has redefined the realms of electronic music with his distinctive sound and unmatched energy — Gordo. Formerly known as Carnage, Diamante Blackmon has embarked on a new journey that is captivating the hearts of music enthusiasts around the globe. Join us as we dive deep into the life, evolution, and pulsating beats of Gordo‘s world.

Who is Gordo?

Diamante Blackmon, previously known as Carnage, has rebranded himself as Gordo. This is more than just a new name; it represents a complete lifestyle change. Inspired by pandemic reflection, he’s prioritizing health and positivity. This newfound energy translates into his music, a passionate and heartfelt sound aimed at redefining the genre for a new generation.

The Evolution of an Artist: From Carnage to Gordo

Diamante Blackmon‘s metamorphosis into Gordo marks a significant milestone in electronic music’s history. This transition wasn’t just a change of name but represented a profound shift in lifestyle, mindset, and musical direction. Reflecting during a period of global pause, Diamante emerged with a vision to reinvent himself — not just as an artist but as an individual. He embraced a healthier lifestyle, radiating positivity and a reinvigorated passion for music that promised to redefine house music for the future.

The essence of Gordo‘s transformation is captured in his live sets, which have become a testament to his evolution. Touring globally, he has graced iconic venues and festivals, such as Hï Ibiza and Coachella, with his electrifying performances. Gordo‘s influence extends beyond the stage through TARAKA, his event series that encapsulates the authentic vibes of a block party with surprise guests and handpicked lineups, creating unforgettable experiences across continents.

Gordo’s Musical Philosophy: Beyond The Turntable & Sources of Inspiration

In our conversation, Gordo shared, “Anything and everything can inspire me”, highlighting his openness to various influences that shape his music. This eclectic approach has seen him weave elements of hip-hop, Latin beats, and techno into his tracks, each telling a different story drawn from diverse experiences and sounds. His latest release, Kill For This Shit with Young Dolph, is a nod to his hip-hop roots, while other tracks explore Latin or techno influences, showcasing his versatility and refusal to be boxed into a single genre.

a Musical Journey Spanning Continents

Gordo‘s artistic journey has been marked by monumental events and tours that have not only tested his limits but also elevated his craft to new heights. His South American tour, highlighted by a record-breaking performance in Argentina for TARAKA, showcases the level of connection and energy he shares with his audience. These experiences are not just performances but milestones that reflect Gordo‘s journey, his evolution, and the indelible mark he leaves on the global music scene.

Artistry and Impact: The Sounds of Success & Chart-Topping Hits and Collaborations

Gordo‘s discography is a vibrant tapestry of sounds that have earned him acclaim and a spot at the top of music charts. Collaborations with The Martinez Brothers and production credits on Drake‘s Honestly Nevermind album have cemented his position as a trailblazing producer and artist. His tracks, like Hombres y Mujeres and RIZZLA, are not just songs but anthems that resonate across dance floors and music charts worldwide, illustrating his influence and innovation in the music industry.

Breaking Boundaries – a Cultural and Musical Fusion

Gordo‘s blend of techno, Latin music, and hip-hop is more than a musical experiment; it’s a cultural dialogue. As a Latin American and black DJ and producer, Gordo sees his role as pivotal in bringing visibility to diverse sounds and breaking the stereotypes within the electronic music scene. His efforts to mix genres and cultures in his music are not just about creating hits but also about fostering a more inclusive and innovative musical landscape.

Gordo (Diamanté Anthony Blackmon)

Gordo Offstage: Life Beyond Beats & The Man Behind The Music

Away from the decks, Gordo is a multifaceted individual with interests and passions that paint a fuller picture of the man behind the music. His commitment to health, wellness, and personal growth is evident in his lifestyle, which is as dynamic and enriching as his music. From building schools in Nicaragua to his reflective moments in Hawaii, Gordo‘s life offstage is a testament to his journey of self-discovery and impact beyond music.

Gordo‘s life narrative is one of resilience, transformation, and triumph. From his early days in Guatemala to becoming a revered name in the electronic music world, his journey is a source of inspiration. It’s a story of overcoming challenges, embracing change, and relentlessly pursuing passion. Gordo‘s life and music are intertwined in a dance of creativity, innovation, and heart.

Engaging With The Audience: Connection With Fans

Gordo’s relationship with his fans is built on authenticity and direct communication. Managing his own social media accounts, he shares glimpses of his life, music, and moments that draw fans closer to his essence and vision. “Everything you see there, it’s all me“, Gordo emphasizes, underlining the authenticity that resonates well with his audience. His interaction goes beyond mere posts; it’s about sharing his journey, his music, and his life in real-time; creating a bond with his audience that’s rare and cherished. The direct engagement through social media is a testament to his commitment to maintaining a genuine connection, showcasing his sets, teasing upcoming tracks, and sharing life’s moments, making every fan feel like part of Gordo‘s extended global family.

Website | Instagram | Spotify | SoundCloud | YouTube

Interview With Gordo

Q&A Interview With Gordo: Ten Questions, Ten Answers

1- What inspires you the most in your life, and how do you incorporate these sources of inspiration into your creative process?

Answer: “I don’t think there’s one thing that inspires me most. Anything and everything can inspire me, you know? Every one of my tracks comes from different approaches. From different experiences and different sounds. Now with my latest release, ‘Kill For This Shit’ with Young Dolph, I brought back some of my hip-hop heritage, whilst, with other releases, you’ll see more Latin or techno influences. I don’t like to compartmentalize; I just like to make good music.”

2- What period or event in your artistic journey has had the most significant impact on you?

Answer: “Most recently, my South American tour. I had my biggest performance ever in Argentina. 20K people came out to Mar Del Plata for my very own TARAKA takeover, where I did an extended 2.5-hour sunrise set, and it must have truly been one of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced. Last week, I spent 80+ hours listening to music in Ecuador. Insane! This tour is GORDO on another level.”

3- Which three words would you use to describe your life, and why?

Answer: “GORDO, TARAKA, MUSIC. That’s me.”

4- Can you share some insights about the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career and how you overcame them?

Answer: “Certainly. Closing one musical chapter and starting an entirely new brand and career was a huge risk. Making the monumental decision to part ways with something that served as my primary source of income and garnered such a large admiration and love from the public was no easy feat. However, when I look at it through the lens of my own happiness, being Carnage no longer brought me joy. This realization became the driving force behind my decision and the means through which I overcame the challenge. I understood that embracing my true self as GORDO brought me the utmost happiness, and I convinced myself that, in time, my fans would see that and feel the same.”

5- How do you aim to interact and communicate with your audience or viewers throughout your life?

Answer: “I feel like I have a great connection with my audience. I’m the only one with access to my social media accounts. Everything you see there, it’s all me. I believe people appreciate and respect that authenticity. My approach to social media involves sharing glimpses of my life, showcasing my sets, previewing upcoming tracks, and keeping everyone informed about upcoming events. It’s important for me to stay connected with my community, to listen to what they want to see, and to be aware of where they’d like to see me perform. I genuinely hope to maintain this connection and continue reaching out to as many people as possible and spread GORDO’s message.”

6- How has your artistic approach or style evolved over time?

Answer: “Looking back to my early days, the whole vibe was completely different. I weighed much more than I do now, my music style leaned heavily towards EDM, and my energy was super different. Now, I feel like I’m finally making the music that’s true to myself, crafting tracks that resonate with my Latin American audience and my Latin American roots. I’m even diving into collaborations with artists that no one would’ve expected me to team up with back in the day. It’s been quite the evolution.”

7- Congratulations on the release of Kill For This Shit with Young Dolph. Which of your works holds a special meaning for you and why?

Answer: “I think ‘Hombres y Mujeres’ with FEID is a very special one for me. I think it has been one of the tracks that has brought me closer to my Latin American audience, something I was always so eager to achieve. Then, ‘Kill For This Shit,’ which is my first release of 2024, is also super exciting as it serves as a teaser of my first ever album, which I’m releasing this year. Then, of course, working on ‘Honestly, Never Mind’ with my brother Drake. Gaining that recognition as a producer was something that I will never forget, and being able to do it again last year on two tracks in ‘For All the Dogs’ is amazing.”

8- What are your thoughts on the role and impact of your life in society?

Answer: “Oh, man, that’s a real challenge. I see my role as a Latin American and black DJ as a crucial opportunity to bring visibility to the scene. Back when I first started, there weren’t a lot of DJs I could truly relate to, but I’m thrilled to see that young talents now have a handful of DJs, myself included, to look up to and find support in. Going deeper into the musical realm, I’m passionate about breaking boundaries and blending genres. Personally, I have a strong connection to techno, Latin music, and hip-hop. Mixing these genres felt natural to me, and it seems my fans are loving it too. I hope this fusion is making a lasting impact, inspiring more artists to create incredible music in the long run.”

9- What does your creative process look like, and do you have any routines or rituals when working on a piece?

Answer: “It’s never the same. Sometimes, I’ll hear a new sound and try to find ways to blend that into something bigger; other times, I get sent a vocal and build a track around that, and sometimes, I just get started on a bassline and go from there. I do make the best music when I’m not on tour, but in a serene spot like my home in Hawaii, where I can calm down and kind of leave the world behind. That’s usually where the best ideas come from, and then I take those ideas with me on tour and develop them into what you hear on Spotify.”

10- What are some projects or goals you hope to achieve with your life in the future?

Answer: “Well, I’m releasing my first album, ‘Diamante’, which I am beyond excited for my fans to hear. It’s some of the best music I’ve ever made, and I think you’ll agree. I can’t wait to share it with you guys. I’m also developing my TARAKA event series, which is currently on tour in South America but will pop up in lots of places all over the globe this year. Keep an eye out. I’ll announce some new dates soon.”

Interview With Gordo

The Future Sounds of Gordo

Looking ahead, Gordo has ambitious plans that reflect his relentless drive and passion for music. The announcement of his debut album, Diamante, marks a new chapter; promising to deliver some of his best work yet. This project is not just about music; it’s a deeper dive into his soul, offering listeners a piece of his essence. Moreover, the expansion of the TARAKA event series is a glimpse into Gordo‘s vision of music as a universal language that connects people across different cultures and geographies. Through these endeavors, Gordo is not just setting new goals but also charting a course for a future where his music continues to touch hearts and move bodies around the world.

Conclusion: Gordo’s Q&A Interview

In the symphony of electronic music, Gordo stands out as a maestro of innovation, emotion, and connection. From his transformational journey as an artist to his profound connection with his audience, Gordo embodies the spirit of music as a force for change, celebration, and unity. This Q&A interview peels back the layers of his artistic persona, revealing the depth, diversity, and drive that fuel his musical odyssey. As Techno Airlines, we are honored to bring you closer to the heart and soul of Gordo, a true maestro of the modern music era.

Key Takeaways

  • Gordo‘s evolution from Carnage to a new persona symbolizes a profound personal and professional rebirth.
  • His music blends diverse influences, breaking boundaries and creating a unique sound that resonates globally.
  • Gordo‘s connection with his audience is rooted in authenticity and direct engagement, setting him apart in the digital age.
  • Upcoming projects, such as his debut album, Diamante, and the expansion of TARAKA, showcase Gordo‘s ambition and vision for the future of music.

As Gordo continues to redefine the landscapes of house and techno music, his journey is a testament to the power of transformation, creativity, and genuine connection.

Stay tuned to Techno Airlines for more exclusive content that brings you closer to the pulsating heart of the electronic music scene.

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