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Interview With Elena Pavla

Explore our Q&A interview with DJ & Producer Elena Pavla as she discusses her inspirations, career milestones, and future in techno music.

Interview With Elena Pavla
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  • PublishedApril 20, 2024
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Welcome to our exclusive feature on Techno Airlines, where we delve into the captivating world of DJ & Producer Elena Pavla. Known for her dynamic presence and innovative sound, Elena has swiftly become a notable figure in the techno music scene.

Our recent Q&A interview with her not only unveils her artistic persona but also explores the profound insights she shares about her life, inspirations, and aspirations. You can also reach her press kit for 2024 here.

Who is DJ & Producer Elena Pavla: The Artist Behind The Turntable


Born and raised in the vibrant city of Moscow, Elena Pavla embarked on her musical voyage in 2016. With no formal musical training to speak of, Elena’s journey into the world of electronic dance music began more as a serendipitous exploration than a planned career path.

Her initial interest in music, fueled by an innate passion for sound and rhythm, soon transcended the confines of the mere hobby as she found herself playing in some of the most pulsating nightclubs across Ibiza, London, Morocco, and her hometown.

Musical Journey and Style

Elena’s musical style is an eclectic tapestry of sounds, encompassing tech house, techno, deep house, and the trance – inducing psytrance beats. Her distinctive approach to music is not confined to just genre boundaries. Still, it is also about crafting a vibe that resonates with her audience, making each set a unique experience.

This ability to blend various musical styles has not only defined her as a versatile artist but has also seen her music released on prestigious labels like Totum Music and Lemon-Aid Music, where she currently innovates as a label manager.

Career Milestones

Since her debut, Elena’s career has been marked by a series of impressive milestones. Her tours have taken her across continents — from the electronic festivals of Europe to the exotic clubs of Latin America.

Each performance is more than just a show; it’s an energetic exchange between her and her audience, something she describes as profoundly rewarding.

Notably, her engagements with renowned record labels such as Heldeep Records, Natura Viva, and Bush Records highlight her growing influence in the electronic music industry.

Interview With Elena Pavla

Insights From The Interview: Elena’s Reflections and Aspirations

Sources of Inspiration

Elena finds inspiration in the kaleidoscope of life itself.

Life inspires me!

She exclaims with a sparkle in her eye. Traveling, exploring new music, reading, and meeting people from different cultures fuel her creativity and strengthen her connection with the world. These experiences enrich her personal life and infuse her music with a depth that is palpable in her performances.

Significant Experiences

Reflecting on the events that have shaped her career, Elena recalls her first festival performance as a transformative experience. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a defining moment of her life.

Then I realized the power of connecting with people through music.

She reflects. This epiphany was about self-discovery and the impact she could have on others, inspiring her to pursue music with a newfound professional zeal.

Challenges and Triumphs

Every artist’s journey comes with its set of challenges, and Elena’s was no different. Early in her career, she struggled with being taken seriously, a challenge compounded by her modeling background.

Determined to shift focus from her appearance to her artistry, she made strategic changes to her presentation and engagement strategies. This crucial pivot was not just about changing perceptions. Still, it was a profound lesson in humility and authenticity, principles that have guided her ever since.

10 Q&As With Elena Pavla

1- What inspires you the most in your life, and how do you incorporate these sources of inspiration into your creative process?

Answer: “Life inspires me! I love to travel, listen to new music, read books, and meet new people and their cultures. As a rule, these are my main sources of strength and inspiration.”

2- What period or event in your artistic journey has had the most significant impact on you?

Answer: “My first festival. DJing appeared in my life as a hobby. I didn’t plan to develop in this direction and thought that working in an office was cool and serious. When I performed for the first time at the festival, I felt like I had 4 orgasms for sure. And at that moment I realized how cool it was to exchange energy with people, and how much I enjoyed seeing happy and united people on the dance floor. From that moment, I decided to develop professionally in music.”

3- Which three words would you use to describe your life, and why?

Answer: “Love, Travel, Creativity. Love – Without love, life has no meaning. And it should be reflected in everything we do and what relationships we build. Traveling is an inspiration and development for me personally. We only live once; I want to go everywhere! Creativity is very important for me to express myself, and I am very emotional and mannered. I found a wonderful outlet for my energy in that world.”

4- Can you share some insights about the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career and how you overcame them?

Answer: “The first problem at the beginning of my career was my presentation. I posted a lot of modeling photos, and people didn’t take me seriously. I had to give up my ego and change everything. For me now, it’s like a charter: They come to listen to you, not to look at you.”

5- How do you aim to interact and communicate with your audience or viewers throughout your life?

Answer: “First of all, I respect my audience. If only 10 people come to my show, I’ll still play my best set. It happens that people don’t have money to go to my concert in their country, and I give them free tickets. Whenever possible, I always try to respond to my fans on social networks. By the way, I delight my audience on the dance floor; they often come to my events with gifts for me; it’s so nice.”

6- How has your artistic approach or style evolved over time?

Answer: “Oh, my musical style has really undergone an evolution. When I came to DJ school, I played EDM. When I started performing, I played tech house. Smoothly, I began to add melodic and progressive to my sets. After the birth of a child, I only want to play techno peak and psy. I follow my heart and prefer to do what I feel.”

7- Which of your works holds a special meaning for you and why?

Answer: “Each of my works has a piece of me. If you have noticed, almost all of the tracks have my voice and my lyrics, and therefore my soul.”

8- What are your thoughts on the role and impact of your life in society?

Answer: “Yes, there is definitely an influence. One way or another, we motivate our listeners. Girls often write me words of gratitude: I motivate them very much, how I can combine being a mother and raising a child alone and have time to work as a DJ. Although I won’t hide it, it’s difficult, and I have forgotten what normal sleeping is.”

9- What does your creative process look like, and do you have any routines or rituals when working on a piece?

Answer: “My daily routine after the birth of the child does not belong to me at all. I can work when he is sleeping, and I have strength and inspiration.”

10- What are some projects or goals you hope to achieve with your life in the future?

Answer: “At the moment, I have launched my own school to promote artists. I also opened my own agency for booking and management: Impuls 808. – now, I am very focused on these two projects. Still, after 40, it seems to me that I won’t have so much energy for constant touring. In the meantime, I’m still far from 40 years old; I plan to release many new albums and interesting collaborations. And, of course, perform at major festivals.”

Connection With The Audience

Elena’s respect for her audience is deep and genuine. She performs with the same intensity and commitment, whether playing for a crowd of ten or ten thousand. She understands the economic constraints that might prevent her fans from attending her shows, prompting her to offer free tickets occasionally.

Connecting with my audience goes beyond the music; it’s about creating a community.

She says, emphasizing the importance of accessibility and engagement.

Current Projects and Future Directions

Innovations and Initiatives

Recently, Elena ventured into new territory by launching her artist promotion school and a management agency, Impuls 808. These initiatives reflect her desire to give back to the music community by nurturing emerging talent.

This commitment to development is a cornerstone of her current work, as she aims to foster a supportive environment for new artists.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Elena is excited about the future. While acknowledging the physical demands of touring, especially as a single mother, she is enthusiastic about her plans to release new albums and forge interesting collaborations.

The journey is far from over.

She asserts, her eyes alight with the promise of more creative adventures and meaningful connections.

Conclusion: Elena Pavla’s Q&A Interview

Elena Pavla‘s story is one of passion, resilience, and transformation. Through our Q&A interview with her, it becomes clear that her influence extends beyond the DJ booth — it resonates in the hearts and minds of her audience.

As she continues to shape her legacy within the techno music industry, her legacy is a testament to the power of dedication and passion. As we watch her journey unfold, Elena Pavla remains a beacon of inspiration and innovation in the techno music world.

For more insights and a deeper connection with her music, follow Elena Pavla‘s performances and releases through her Instagram. You can also check out our other Q&A interviews with DJs & Producers here.

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