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Interview With DJ Chus

Dive into the world of DJ Chus with our exclusive interview, exploring his inspirations, transformative moments, and future aspirations in music.

Interview With DJ Chus
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  • PublishedMarch 16, 2024
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In the dynamic world of electronic music, few names shine as brightly as DJ Chus. With a career spanning over three decades, his influence has permeated every corner of the house music genre. It’s with great excitement that we present an exclusive interview with DJ Chus, conducted by Techno Airlines. Through this conversation, we delve into the life, inspirations, and aspirations of a true maestro of the decks. Prepare to be taken on a journey through the beats, rhythms, and melodies that have defined a generation of dance music enthusiasts.

Who is DJ Chus?

Born in Madrid, Spain, DJ Chus has been a towering figure in the global music scene. He is renowned for his signature blend of Iberican sound — a fusion of tribal, house, and techno rhythms. His journey began in the early ’90s, and since then, Chus has not only been a prolific producer but also a celebrated DJ, gracing the decks of the world’s most prestigious clubs and festivals.

Achievements in his illustrious career include founding the iconic record label Stereo Productions, winning numerous awards, and creating anthems that have left an indelible mark on the industry. His work ethic, passion, and dedication to music have made him a beloved figure among peers and fans alike.

The Essence of Inspiration

DJ Chus draws inspiration from the beauty of the natural world and the simple joys of life. Sunsets, the sound of waves, and the tranquility of nature fuel his creative spirit, influencing the emotive and uplifting vibes of his music. This connection to the elements is reflected in his tracks, which aim to evoke a sense of harmony and bliss on the dance floor.

Travel plays a significant role in his life, not just as a DJ touring the globe but as a source of inspiration. Experiencing different cultures and landscapes enriches his soul and, by extension, his music, allowing him to connect deeply with audiences worldwide.

Transformative Moments

A pivotal moment in DJ Chus‘s life came in 2014 when he attended Burning Man for the first time. This experience was more than just a festival; it was a profound journey that transformed his perspective on life and art. The ethos of Burning Man, centered around community, art, and self-expression, opened new avenues of creativity and introspection for Chus, deeply influencing his approach to music and life.

Interview With DJ Chus
DJ Chus

Music as a Way of Life

For DJ Chus, music is not just a career but a way of life. It has been a constant companion through all seasons of his life, offering solace, joy, and inspiration. This profound connection to music is what drives him to share his art with the world, hoping to bring the same joy to others that music brings to him.

Overcoming Challenges

The path to success has not been without its hurdles. DJ Chus has navigated the music industry’s ever-changing landscape, adapting to new technologies and trends while staying true to his artistic vision. He describes the process of overcoming challenges as a three-phase journey: facing fear, embracing change, and finally, finding joy in the new possibilities that change brings.

This adaptability and resilience have been key to his longevity in the industry, allowing him to continue inspiring audiences with his innovative sounds.

Connecting Through Music

DJ Chus‘s aim is to forge a deep connection with his audience through music. He believes in the power of music to speak directly to the soul, transcending language and cultural barriers. This connection is what he seeks to achieve with every performance, creating an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impact on the listener.

Evolution of an Artist

Over the years, DJ Chus‘s artistic style has evolved, incorporating new trends while maintaining his unique identity. He emphasizes the importance of “quality over quantity“, meticulously curating his sets to ensure that each track resonates with his vision. This careful selection process and his broad musical vision have kept him at the forefront of the house music scene.

Signature Tracks and Their Significance

DJ Chus‘s discography is filled with tracks that hold special meaning for him. From the pioneering sounds of “Voices of Savanna” to the iconic “That Feeling“, each track represents a milestone in his career and evolution as an artist. These tracks are not just music; they are chapters in DJ Chus‘s story, each with its own memories and emotions.

Social Impact and Responsibility

As an artist, DJ Chus is acutely aware of his role in society. He views his music as a means to bring joy, provide escape, and create memorable experiences for his audience. This ability to impact lives positively is what he cherishes most about his profession.

The Creative Process Unveiled

At the heart of DJ Chus‘s creative process is the rhythmic base. The groove, driven by the bassline and drums, is the foundation upon which his tracks are built. This focus on rhythm and groove is what gives his music its infectious energy and drive.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, DJ Chus envisions a future where he can be even more selective about his projects and performances. With an incredible 30 years in the industry and constant global tours, he seeks a balance that allows him to create and perform on his terms. Embracing the philosophy of “Less is More“, Chus aims to dedicate his time to places and projects that truly resonate with his artistic spirit and values. This approach reflects a desire for quality over quantity, ensuring that every piece of music and every performance is imbued with his passion and dedication to the craft.

His future goals underscore a commitment to artistic freedom and personal well-being, highlighting a shift towards a more mindful and fulfilling way of living and creating. DJ Chus‘s journey from the vibrant streets of Madrid to the global stages of electronic music has been a testament to his talent, resilience, and unwavering love for music. As he continues to evolve and grow, his legacy as a pioneering force in house music is assured, inspiring future generations of artists and fans alike.

10 Q&A’s With DJ Chus

1- What inspires you the most in your life, and how do you incorporate these sources into your creative process?

Answer: “What inspires me most in life are the little things that make me happy, that put a smile on my face, such as the calm and colors of a sunset, the sound of the waves in the sea, the balance of Nature, the mountain. These are things that I look for when I travel because they give me satisfaction and generate a state of balance suitable for creation. My experiences at each event are also fundamental to knowing what my music needs during the creative process. Knowing how to connect with my audience and make them feel the same on the dance floor that I feel in the studio when I’m producing.”

2- What period or event in your artistic journey has had the most significant impact on you?

Answer: “In 2014, I had an experience that truly changed my life. It was the first time I went to Burning Man, an event held in the Nevada desert in the United States (US). Burning Man is not your typical electronic music festival; it’s a complete 360-degree experience that impacts you internally. From the camp that welcomes you to the people you travel with and the activities you participate in, everything plays a decisive role in ensuring a fulfilling experience. No one comes back from Burning Man the same person; it opens dormant doors of our consciousness, making us more aware and mature.”

3- Which three words would you use to describe your life, and why?

Answer: “MUSIC WAY OF LIFE. Music has been an integral part of my life since childhood; I cannot imagine my life without it. It has served as an escape during sad moments, brought joy and euphoria during moments of celebration, helped me concentrate while studying, and helped me relax before going to sleep. Every second of my life is colored by musical notes.”

4- Can you share some insights about the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career and how you overcame them?

Answer: “Facing changes is always a challenge. I have experienced many format changes throughout my career, such as going from vinyl to CD, CD to computer, and computer to USB. I have also gone through gender and musical trends, booking agency changes, manager changes, changes in the technology I use for work, and even professional and artistic changes. In all these changes, I have noticed three phases that always occur. The first is the fear of change and uncertainty. Leaving the comfort zone is difficult at first, but it is essential to embrace change. The second phase is the awakening. It’s like hearing an inner voice that pushes you to change and tells you not to worry because everything will work out. It’s time to take the leap of faith and move forward. And finally, the third phase is the joy that occurs when you realize that the change has been for the better. Deep down, you know this change was necessary, and things have improved.”

5- How do you aim to interact and communicate with your audience or viewers throughout your life?

Answer: “I enjoy connecting with my audience while performing. My purpose in life is to give others the gift of music. My music speaks for me, and listeners always interpret it in their own way.”

6- How has your artistic approach or style evolved?

Answer: “I am a house music artist with a broad vision that allows me to embrace new trends while retaining my identity. As a DJ, I understand the importance of creating different moments during a set, avoiding monotony, and adjusting the intensity to suit the audience, location, and event. Quality is my top priority, and I spend a lot of time searching among the millions of tracks released daily to find the ones that truly represent me as an artist. The most challenging part is discovering your own identity.”

7- Which of your works holds a special meaning for you and why?

Answer: “There are so many unique tracks in my discography that hold a special place in my heart; one of them is Voices of Savanna, my very first tribal track released in the year 2000 on Boo Records; it paved the way for the Iberican Sound and Stereo Productions. Of course, That Feeling is an Ibiza house anthem released in 2001 on Defected Records. Another amazing one is Will I Discover, which was released in 2004 on Azuli Records. It is a fantastic house music vocal song and a masterpiece. Also, All I Want was released in Stereo Productions in 2014, and The Sun was also released in Stereo in 2018. The most recent releases that mean a lot to me are Underwater and Every Time I Try because they are part of my new solo career.”

8- What are your thoughts on the role and impact of your life in society?

Answer: “Artists have a privileged position that allows us to facilitate and provide others with moments of disconnection and escape from their daily lives; we can help others through entertainment; we create unforgettable memories and heal states of mind. This is what I like most about my job.”

9- What does your creative process look like, and do you have any routines or rituals when working on a piece?

Answer: “The rhythmic base is the foundation of any of my songs. The bassline and drums are fundamental parts that create the groove that drives the track. Everything else comes later in the process. I often use samples or old vocals as inspiration, but I usually remove them from the arrangement as I get closer to the final result. I replace them with an original vocal or a melody played by a professional musician.”

10- What are some projects or goals you hope to achieve with your life in the future?

Answer: “After over 38 years of career, traveling non-stop for the last 25 years, and having been around the world several times, I really want to be more selective and produce when I feel like it, and my mind asks me to. I also want to play in those places where they really know how to appreciate my music, and I really like to play. Less is More is the new luxury; spend your time as you want and not as others wish to.”


Our interview with DJ Chus offers a rare glimpse into the mind and soul of a true musical innovator. From his humble beginnings to his transformative experiences and aspirations for the future, Chus‘s story is a compelling narrative of passion, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. His music not only moves bodies on the dance floor but also touches hearts, making him a beloved figure in the electronic music scene.

As DJ Chus continues to chart his course through the ever-changing landscape of music, his legacy as a trailblazer and visionary is undeniable. With each beat, melody, and performance, he invites us into a world where music is a universal language of joy, connection, and transcendence. Join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of DJ Chus, a luminary whose light continues to shine brightly in the world of music.

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