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Golden Rave Performances from ’90s

Unarguably one of the best decades for electronic music in history so far, in the spirit of feeling nostalgic, Techno Airlines is here to list just a few of the

Golden Rave Performances from ’90s
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  • PublishedNovember 25, 2021

Unarguably one of the best decades for electronic music in history so far, in the spirit of feeling nostalgic, Techno Airlines is here to list just a few of the most memorable and iconic sets made in ’90s.

Let’s remember the most impressive rave tracks for the unforgettable 90s, considered the golden age of dance floors, where DJs had no state of distress and the participants went crazy all night long. Take a look at our list, which is a pretty nostalgia for those who have experienced these lucky days, and an illumination for those who have never experienced it.


Of course, the reflection of Bram Stoker’s work on the screens brought a mystical vampire sympathy, especially in Europe. Particularly in Balkans ‘bad-girls’ jazzed on dark rave nights with their gothic style.


This piece, which was released at the beginning of the 90s, reminds people of those times when people had a positive expectation of innovation and the future.


Called as history itself and timeless, the fieriest, purest and full of emotional hit of Latin legacy.


An iconic piece that still sounds great, energetic and futuristic when listened to. Many would use this piece as a mental therapy back in time.

JOEY BELTRAM – Energy Flash

This masterpiece, which will find itself at the top of the lists on the best techno pieces even today, was actually a work that Beltram created when he was just 19 years old.

DEMONIK – Labryinthe 

Again, not everyone will remember, but it is like a piece of Atari that makes soundtracks for game consoles. The blissfull track that rejuvenates most people’s childhoods today.


The prime track of all clubs and discos that blows peoples’ mind, floods the streets with a burst of energy. It’s probably considered the anthem of electronic and techno music.


The band, which is a wingman and also a record label company, is one of the building blocks of Detroit Techno.

JEFF MILLS – Cyclone

Jeff Mills stands out with his simple, effective style. With his industrial, sometimes powerful, and sometimes symphonic melodies, he brings a very different structure to Detroit techno. Here in the piece, there is a flawless and a lot of banging pumping beats that reflects his style.

DJ T-1000 – Thesis

The wise DJ who has also directed Detroit techno and has been educated at the faculty of music. Alan Oldham was an artist who had a special place with the fusion works he brought to techno music. This piece is one of the most influential works summarizing the 90s and its style.


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