Golden Rave Performances From ’90s

Blast back to the 90s rave scene with these unforgettable techno tracks – the ultimate tracks for any electronic music lover.

Golden Rave Performances From ’90s
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  • PublishedNovember 25, 2021
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Take a trip down memory lane with Techno Airlines, celebrating the ’90s as the golden era of electronic music. Dive into some iconic rave performances that defined the dance floors of the decade.

Outlander – The Vamp

Bram Stoker’s legacy echoed in Europe, igniting mystical vampire vibes on dark rave nights, especially in the Balkans.

Mental Cube – Q

A ’90s anthem resonating hope and anticipation for the future, capturing the era’s innovative spirit.

DJ Rolando – Jaguar

A timeless Latin-infused hit, celebrated for its emotional depth and fiery rhythm.


A futuristic and energizing track that served as a mental escape, offering solace to many.

Joey Beltram – Energy Flash

A prodigious creation by a 19-year-old Beltram, this masterpiece still tops techno charts today.

Demonik – Labryinthe

A nostalgic Atari-like track that rekindles childhood memories with its blissful melodies.

Fierce Ruling Diva – Rubb it in

An electrifying anthem that took over clubs and discotheques, setting the streets ablaze with energy.

Underground Resistance – Adrenalin

A foundational force in Detroit techno, both as a band and a record label, shaping the genre’s evolution.

Jeff Mills – Cyclone

Jeff Mills‘ signature style shines through in this piece, blending industrial and symphonic elements with powerful beats.

DJ T-1000 – Thesis

Educated in music and a Detroit techno stalwart, Alan Oldham‘s fusion works encapsulate the ’90s techno vibe.

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