Eco Hero Solar-Rave Takes the Scene

Organizations created with solar energy are supported by everyone in these days when ecological importance is once again coming to the fore.

Since the beginning of 2000s, renewable energy has become an important topic to music lovers. Started in Switzerland, today it spreads over from Malaysia to Australia, France to the U.S.A, the events have become more popular and sensitive day by day. Last year, SolarSoundSystem celebrated of hosting solar and bicycle-powered party for their 20th year in Europe.

Cedric Carles, founder of the first solar-powered event, is looking forward to send his message to the four corners of the world:

“it is necessary to perform in public space in order to increase the level of general knowledge and catch a public not concerned by climate change.”

How to set up solar-rave parties? How does it work?

One of the priori of this movement, Rubens Ben exemplifies the process as stating that first, they are starting to position the system in parks, festivals or streets. The operation is simple, in day-light they charge the batteries by solar energy all day long. This energy is directed to generators that makes possible DJs to power-up their tables and speakers. Keep in sight that these systems are so effective and high-class that can present events up to thousand people.

Some asks how long those events would be, and the organizers answer that even with partly-cloudy conditions, the system can maintain up to 5 hours without bicycles, and to 8 hours with bicycles when the ravers devote themselves to turn pedals for power to keep music going. If the organizations meet the requirements in true circumstances, the party or event can go all night long without any distribution.

It was 2016 that the same company, SolarSoundSystem, has created the first 7/24 web-radio powered by solar-system, named Radio3S.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, the founder of the system has created a compilation of the artists that have been played on the solar-powered stages so far. The tracks show respect to eight international artists who supported the system until today, namely such as Jay Ka, Gregorythm, Ovhal44, Naduve x Tai Rona and Harrison y El Mundo.

A tree will be planted in Peru, via One Tree Planted charity, for every copy sold. You can find the track here.