Drug and Festival: An Interrelated Story

Substance use in any techno or electronic music event has created an inseparable history.

Festivals, which are places where people lose themselves by breaking away from their daily lives, in other words, purgify their souls, have a cultural understanding that pushes them to use substances, whether they are indoors or outdoors. So much so that participating in these concerts has almost made the use them compulsory or seen as a temptative element. Substance use has been openly practiced at festivals and events for over 50 years, and this has been the main purpose in many of them.

Well, according to the recorded information, what is the rate of substance used in electronic music events so far? A study conducted before the pandemic shows that approximately 75% of the people attending the festivals used substances. The ratio of these drugs used in events is listed as follows:

  • cannabis %64
  • ecstasy %60
  • cocaine %34

So, what could be the reasons for substance use for music lovers or festival goers?

First of all, drugs are easily accessible in most places. It is not difficult to find people both in the venue environment, inside the venue and even around the festival. The main reason is that parties, festivals or events come to mind first when talking about substance use. Thus, it is inevitable that these are the most easily found environments.

If you ask the participants, they will probably excuse you that the substance use prompt their senses, thus making the event more exciting. But one of the main factors is peer insistence or pressure. The environment of friends participating in the activity mostly directs people to substance use. This pressure becomes such that, unfortunately, even the person who is against it can find himself or herself in use with an effort to keep up with the environment.

It is also a fact that the controls and security are not very detailed at festivals, including large-scale events, and even if it is prohibited, drugs can be easily brought inside. But one of the responsible for this is the sponsors or advertisers of that event. Because the supporters of such an electronic music event are usually the suppliers of products that lead to drug use.

In addition, you don’t have to give up music to be sober, dear readers. You should not break away from your self-consciousness and you should not force yourself to be involved in such activities with drug use. Substance use can leave you with not only loss of consciousness, but also with very serious health problems such as rapid dehydration or fatigue along with increasing festivals on these hot summer days. In this article, the primary goal was to make you aware of these deadly factors.