Burning Man: Artistic Utopia/Photobook

Burning Man festival differs from all other events in terms of its unique idea, and also invites you to the fabulous deserts of Nevada.

A heavenly city is built in the place where almost hundred thousand people come by dedicating themselves only to soul of art. Everyone who attends to the festival feels as if they are living in a splendid utopia. Although we call it a festival, the organizers of this production introduce the event as “a community and art experiment.

The event is named after a large wooden figure that is symbolically burned each year and is held every year between the last Sunday in August and the first Monday in September. During the event, you will experience moments from all branches of art and you will probably come across mutant vehicles as well as naked bodies. We wish you to have a ‘burner partner’ at nights where the music will not be missing. And there are 10 principles at the Burning Man if you think about to go:

  1. Anyone can join to the community
  2. Nothing is bought or sold in the event
  3. You will inhale and exhale the sands of Black Rock Desert
  4. You should present a gift to someone
  5. The person should be integrated with his/her own soul, or else to find it
  6. You should cooperate and collaborate with the others
  7. Remember that you are civilly responsible to those around you.
  8. We do not leave any waste to the environment, that is why everything is burned at the event
  9. Everyone is invited to all events, believing that everything can be done together.
  10. There is no second chance here, either you are with us or not

Let’s take a look at the magnificent illustrations of the event, which is planned to be postponed in 2021 due to the virus, over the years.

(The daytime state of Burning Man, which is burned that night every year)

(A record held by 70.000 attendees)

(Gamelan X, 2013 Burning Man)

(Carl Cox, 2019 Burning Man)