Brazilian Tech House Artist: Bruno Furlan

Learn more about Bruno Furlan who has been shining in the Tech House scene and listen to his new EP “Not For Everyone”, by Track ID.

Brazilian Tech House Artist: Bruno Furlan
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  • PublishedMay 9, 2024
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Bruno Furlan is a Brazilian tech house artist who needs to be on your radar. If we’re talking about the current tech house scene, we can’t fail to mention the name of Bruno Furlan and his long list of releases and performances in the world’s most prestigious electronic music hubs.

He is a recognized name on the Brazilian scene, the result of his constant dedication and joy in performing a job that is his passion. Born in São Paulo, his history in electronic music began as a teenager, when he ventured into DJing in a self-taught way. Since then, his magnetic figure, innovation, and constant improvement in the quality of his releases have given him a visibility that only grows every year.

Achievements and Recognitions

On the list of the “Top 100 most-listened-to” Brazilian electronic music DJs and beating Vintage Culture, James Hype, and Solardo on Beatport’s list of best-selling artists in the tech house genre, Bruno Furlan has collected an impressive list of releases and performances.

He was the first Brazilian to release on Dirtybird, as well as the only one to release three times on Hot Creations in a single year, most notably the “Bongoloco” EP, which reached the Top #1 Overall on Beatport and today has over 10 million streams, in addition to other major labels such as Black Book, CUFF, SOLA, South of Saturn and Armada Music.

Last year, the artist performed an incredible sequence of shows. Starting with Ultra, for the third time and in three editions in Brazil, Spain, and Peru, at Paradise by Jamie Jones, in Ibiza and Miami, Black Book by Chris Lake, at the Brooklyn Mirage and the North Coast Music Festival, as well as special events with the Dirtybird label in Orlando and Miami.

Other countries that have seen his talent with emblematic performances are Argentina, Spain, Peru, Ecuador, and Canada. This year, he has already played at the Resistance pre-party, M2 Miami, and Ultra Music Festival Miami.

To get to all these places took a lot of persistence, patience and faith. I believe that behind the achievements no one can imagine how many battles have arisen, keeping stable or growing is challenging, so these three words end up defining my past, present and future. In fact, the pandemic was certainly a time when I was able to re-signify my artistic side, bring more meaning to my career goals and, above all, it was when I was able to connect with myself so that I could then follow paths that I had always wanted to.

His Own Record Label

Artists who have an expanded vision of technique, quality, and production tend to build their own space where they can be creative freely and inspire their professional colleagues. Over the last eight years, Bruno Furlan has been on a journey that has been far from silent and totally inspiring for those who follow him.

With his ability to fuse elements of different styles within tech house, the Brazilian makes his music a link for other producers in the genre to do the same, and this through his own label, Track ID. Active since 2021, the label has been revealing emerging talent from all over the country, as well as being a safe place for its founder to release tracks exclusively, such as his latest release, the EP “Not for Everyone“.

All the tracks on this EP took a long time to finish, they were very complex and difficult, but the result is irrefutable… lots of groove, full drums, very strong drops and striking vocals and melodies! Undoubtedly one of my most eagerly awaited EPs. I think I’ve matured a lot in recent years. I’ve always been open to countless possibilities, allowing myself to take risks. Not limiting my project is a daily decision that makes me constantly evolve. In addition, focusing on good things, emanating good energy, enjoying and seeing small positive details in everyday life is a huge difference in my creative process! Being light and well is essential for exploring my creativity.

The Evolution of an Artist

Bruno Furlan‘s catalog of releases is extensive. With his own productions and countless approaches, his tracks have dialogued with different elements over the years. From acid drums to more closed and analog beats, Bruno Furlan has always been moving towards a cleaner, more direct signature accompanied by well-curated vocals. Tech house is a comfortable place for the artist, and most of the time, he tends towards house music.

I don’t tend to put too much expectation on myself, I like it when things flow exactly as they should, but the public can certainly expect a lot of new music, incredible sets and above all a lot of love in all of this. I hope to connect with new people more and more and I also hope that Brazil continues to be very representative of the current scene, with increasingly authentic and creative artists.

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