According to A Research Based on Milano, Small-scaled Events Will Be Preferred Much More in The Future Period

According to the outcomes of survey made in Milano, participants obtained different pleasures during Coronavirus

The results of the research, made by the Milan City Comission accompanied with Music Innovation Hub, puts forward the possible behavioral changes of participants after the epidemic.

Researches made in Milano, being one of the European cities where the transmission rate is the highest in pandemic since February, is seen as an important research market in this sense.

According to the report, the public is now more eager than before to attend to small concerts, special events and small festivals in countryside in clubs, bars and gardens.

Dino Lupelli, head of Music Innovation Center, have concluded that : “The data from the survey is very encouraging. Smaller events can be the savior of the huge industry. There is a very strong demand. We need to find ways to reveal and make sustainable this potential.” He also underlined the responsibilities of the industry with his words, “Coronovirus period offers priceless opportunities for new talents. Music industry must find ways to get benefits from this situation both in national and international contexts.”

The report indicates that one of the biggest issue of making smaller events sustainable is the nessecary permissions and licenses, and also admitting that the bureaucracy of Italy is complicated, where the survey is made, while stating that the participants of the survey are willing to follow all the rules in order to return to their daily lives.