A Guidance by Professionals for Healthy and Successful Career in Music

Sound Advice”, by Rhian Jones and Lucy Heyman, emphasizes a ‘health’ oriented guide for everyone in music industry

Rhian Jones, a journalist known for her writings on the music industry, and Lucy Heyman, an agent for artists, prepared a guidebook for musicians to advance their careers healthier and more successfully.

Completed after a two-year process, “Sound Advice: The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy and Successful Career in Music” is a a guiding work that includes the performance skills that musicians most need in the modern music industry, money management, enhancing creativity, use of social media, communication with fans and on topics such as dealing with criticism.

The book also examines the issues of coping with mental and physical health problems that artists may encounter throughout their careers. Issues as malnutrition, body health, sound and hearing problems, substance use and the effects of intense travels on the body are among the areas of focus in the book. Including interviews from artists such as Will Young, Imogen Heap, Lady Leshurr, Laura Mvula, Nina Nesbitt, Ella Eyre and Lauren Aquilina, the book also includes advices from various health professionals and music professionals.

Rhian Jones, one of the authors, made the following statements about the book they prepared:

“I had the idea for this book after closely following the ongoing music and health conversation. It made total sense to me for a business that is predicated on developing and nurturing the talent of creatives to prioritise the health and wellbeing of those creatives. If an artist gets physically or mentally sick and can’t work, the people and businesses around them lose money, so it surprised me to find out that there didn’t seem to be many (if any) sanctions in place that were there for the sole purpose of fostering an artist’s good health. And it’s been heartbreaking to witness the many premature deaths of much-loved music talents over recent years. “

The other author of the book, Lucy Heyman, stated her expressions: “Researches show that musicians can face serious physical and mental health problems throughout their careers. However, it is possible to prevent most of these problems with correct information and directions.”

One of the professional in the industry who expressed a positive opinion on the guidance, which was evaluated to get the need for extra support, especially for the musicians who moved away from their routine lives due to the pandemic, is John Reid, the chairman of Live Nation Europe. Describing the book as “informative, comprehensive and fun -sometimes-“, Reid said: “We are all responsible to create a healthy and sustainable environment. Music industry needs this just like the others. “Sound Advice”  is a guide for all the industry professionals as well as musicians.”

Visit this page to pre-order the book, which will be released on February 28th.