A Genius Idea Against Coronavirus: Space-Bubble Concerts

A rock band in the United States staged with an interesting test run for space bubble concerts. 

Keep in mind that you could soon watch your favourite show with a great comfort in giant inflatable bubbles.

Flaming Lips performed the world’s first space bubble concert in Oklahoma. The idea is originated in order to challenge against coronavirus. There were 100 bubbles in the concert area and each of them designed up to 3 person inside them, so the fans either be alone or be with their buddies for their choice. During the concert, both the audience and the band members were inside the bubbles alongside with their instruments. In an urgent situation, for instance need for toilet, the person gives sign from his/her bubble and an escort comes with a mask and other stuff to maintain sterility.

The founder of the genius idea, Wayne Coyne, told that “I think it’s a bit of a new normal”, after years of being in search for new arrangements on stages.


Lots of people ask how they work or isn’t there any issue. To make it clear, we unveil every detail. In each bubble, there is:

  • A speaker for everyone to speak clear
  • A bottle of water against dehydration
  • A battery-charged fan for cooling
  • A towel to wipe yourself
  • A sign, ‘Too Hot In There’, for refilling the bubble with fresh air

The first show was documented by Nathan Poppe for giving brief information to the fans.


“It’s a very restricted, weird event. But the weirdness is so we can enjoy a concert before putting our families and everybody at risk”

Coyne reported to Rolling Stones before this huge event after their concert was cancelled due to pandemic. Coyne also explained that the producer must have vast in space, and much time before the concert -around 45 minutes- to get everyone involved in the bubbles.

While it is still been asking when the epidemic will be over, how the improvements go or whether the measurements are safe, this genius idea answered those questions altogether. It reduced the risk of transmission, obviously safe, can be organized almost in every kind of concert or genres. Before the time of corona ends, we suggest you to be a part in that type of concert.