Double Lives: Navigating a Dual Career in White-Collar Work and DJing

Discover how artists juggle careers in the corporate world and DJing, finding creativity and success in the balance of their dual lives.

Double Lives: Navigating a Dual Career in White-Collar Work and DJing
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  • PublishedSeptember 2, 2020
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In a world where chasing your dreams often means juggling more than one gig, the tale of the artist by day and DJ by night is becoming increasingly common. For many, the fantasy of living solely off their passion for music — a dream fueled by the glamorous lives of top DJs and musicians we idolize — remains just that: a dream. The stark reality hits when one realizes that only a handful of artists manage to carve out a full-time career in music. This truth has been further underscored in recent times, particularly with the challenges brought about by global disruptions.

However, this conundrum isn’t a novel predicament brought forth by recent events. A significant number of artists quietly balance their creative pursuits with day jobs, a strategic move not only aimed at financial stability but also at enriching their artistic journey. Drawing insights from various walks of life, it’s evident that having a foot in both worlds can offer unique perspectives and accelerate one’s growth in the arts.

Take, for instance, the perspectives shared by emerging UK tech-house sensation Liam Wax, who sees his day job as adding depth to his musical endeavors. Contrastingly, Eric Cloutier, a celebrated figure on Mixmag’s cover, recently opened up about returning to his day job, highlighting the competitive pressures in the music industry exacerbated by the disparities in income.

But does holding a day job hinder or help one’s pursuit of a music career?

Are all artists cut out for the uncertainties of a full-time gig in music? Such questions beckon introspection, especially when contemplating the leap from hobbyist to professional.

Elle Andrews, a member of the London-based duo Souvenir, exemplifies the dual-career lifestyle. Besides electrifying stages, Andrews imparts knowledge as a photography teacher. This double duty, according to Andrews, echoes the hustle of entrepreneurs, demanding a dedication that goes beyond the norm.

Similarly, graphic design emerges as a complementary skill for DJs in an era where branding is everything. Trevor Jackson, a renowned designer and musician, cherishes his design career for the creative control and industry doors it opens, despite his reservations about the broader aspects of DJing.

The story extends to technology professionals like Objekt and Avalon Emerson, who blend their tech careers with music, finding synergies that propel both passions. And then there’s Auntie Flo, who navigated the tricky waters of entrepreneurship and music, eventually finding a harmonious balance that fueled success in both arenas.

For Felix Yoosefinejad, aka Moleskin, working in parallel industries has been a grounding experience. He emphasizes the cultural impact over commercial success. His journey underscores the essence of finding work that resonates with one’s values and contributes to a symbiotic relationship between one’s careers.

Amid varying motivations and paths, one theme resonates: the art of balancing a regular job with a music career doesn’t necessarily stifle creativity. On the contrary, it can foster discipline, enrich experiences, and even offer a strategic advantage. While some artists boldly step into full-time music, embracing the risks and rewards, others find strength in their dual identities, proving that success isn’t defined by a single path but by the harmony of one’s passions.

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