5-Facts You’ve Never Heard of | Carl Cox

Carl Cox, also known as ‘The Three-Deck Wizard’ or ‘The People’s Deejay’ belonging to the highest point that the techno world can reach, is here with his unknown aspects today. The King of Ibiza and the pioneer of dance music is a seeking-after name all over the world and at all events. Let’s see together the different informations about this attractive and totally passionate DJ.


He was a childstar whom started playing as a DJ at the age of 10. He was going to school just to practice his way of music.


Cox started his career around wedding parties, and the first beats, mixes and gigs were settled up there.


He is not the most-paid DJ of all but relatively has a higher earning from the most per year, with the salary of $600,000 per year and total worth of $18 Million dollars.


Carl Cox has raised a big heart under his chest. In terms of charity, we know that Three-Deck Wizard involves around charity foundations such as LNADJ(Last Night A DJ Saved My Life) where the lives of children around places of war has effected. At that night, Cox donated $6 dollars per a message where they could have a chance to meet with him.


He has a great tendency over cars and automobiles. Cox is as enthusiastic in cars as in DJ career. We know that he got over a hundred car collection, most of which are fantastic. Fast cars, exotic cars and collectionist cars are among them. Once, he was also a guest-star in a Auto Express Podcast.