5-Facts You’ve Never Heard of | Avicii

Superstar born DJ Avicii shaped EDM overall, but could never outrun his own problems. As the EDM phenomenon blew up around the world, Avicii stood out for his willingness to ignore the genre’s boundaries. Today we will set light to his dark sides as the Techno Airlines editors.

The name Avicii comes from the lowest level of Buddist hell in Dharmic languages.

His mother is a well-known actress in Sweden, acted in a numerous movies. Her name is Anki Lidén.

Maybe his greatest stage was to perform at Tomorrowland, Ultra Music, Belfast etc. But none of them were close to perform at the wedding of Prince Carl Philipp, the Duke of Värmland, and Sofia Hellqvist.

Have you ever heard the track of ‘Two Million‘? This was made by the time when Avicii got two million followers on Facebook.

P.S: Today, after he has gone, he has 18M followers on Facebook as of today.

Apart from his energetic lifestyle, continiously replayed tracks or endless rhtyhms on the sets; Avicii was a real merciful, beningnant and open-hearted gentleman. As of we know, he made an entire tour just for the people who were in need. The tour of House for Hunger, Feeding Africa and Feeding America get in over millions of dollars with his own desire and purpose.

Avicii had an unordinary life. We all know the tragic end of the sad story. With our deepest condolences, we present you the documentary of Avicii that was prepared by himself before he had gone. You can watch the trailer of ‘True Stories’, below.